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Top 10 Most Effective Tips to Get Rid of House Mice Quickly

House mice look cute and innocent, but in fact, they bring a lot of damage and spread illnesses. Once they settle in your house, they will not leave it themselves. As a result, you will face that problems like rustling, holes in walls, gnawed wires, pong and the most dangerous- mice spread infections, some of them can be deadly. In this article, you’ll find ten best solutions which you can choose the most suitable for your situation.

10 Get a cat

Cats are carnivores. Their hunting instincts usually are very developed; they are excellent hunters. Cats are natural enemies of mice and other little animals. But if you decided to use this method, first of all, you should know that cat isn’t only a mice-hunter but also a pet and should be taken care of. But don’t overfeed it. Otherwise, it will decrease the instinct. And before you get a cat, be sure that you haven’t used poisoning method for mice. The cat may eat the poison or a poisoning mouse and die.

9 Using grass

Our ancestors knew that mice couldn’t handle the smell of some types of grass. This method is suitable if you are facing mice invasion in the warm season, when you can easily find any of these grass, plus this method is absolutely free. All you need is to find any of these grasses: mint, chamomile, sagebrush, elder or coriander. Put it in all corners in your house and other places from which mice may appear. The smell should scare mice off from your home.

8 Deadly mixes

You may “cook” some solutions which mice’s stomach can’t digest. They lead to clogging their intestines. But you should be sure that you will be able to find dead mice after its death, because in case it dies somewhere inside of a wall, for example, there will unbearable smell of rotting flesh, and it also may spread infections. So, there are two the most effective mixes: 1. Mix flour with gypsum in proportion 1:1, add some sugar and water. 2. Mix with same proportion quicklime, grain, flour, and water. Made one of these mixes and put in places of possible appearing of mice.

7  Essential oils

The other humanitarian and efficient way to get rid of mice is using essential oils. Be careful! Make sure that nobody who lives in the house has an allergy. Using essential oils will be more effective than using grasses because the concentration of smell is higher. Put oil on a cloth, and put in places of habitats of mice. The most effective is a mix of Japanese mint and peppermint’s oils.

6  Mousetraps

That is another not expensive way of getting rid of mice. But this way is too inhumane, before to die, a mouse is suffering for a long time. But if you finally decided to use this way, don’t believe cartoonists, mice don’t like cheese that much, so that will be bad bait. A piece of white bread or sausage will be more attractive. The positives of that method are being easy using and compact size.

5 Poisons

It is also possible to get rid of mice quickly with the help of poisons. Remember that some poisons can be effective not only against mice but also for you. Just before you buy a poison read a consist carefully. You should avoid these substances: thallium, strychnine, arsenic, and lead. If you want to prevent a smell of flesh, use mummifying poisons. Another favorite type of poisons is poison with anticoagulants. This one leads to internal bleeding in mice. The most effective forms of poison are liquid one and spray. In that case, poison may reach all points of your house, but after you use it, you must leave your home for several days, because for that time your place will not applicable for living there.

4  Organic repellents

Organic repellents work in same way as a spray poison, but it has many advantages. First of all, there are no poisonous substances, and you may use it and not be afraid for your pets’ health. It consists of natural ingredients, for example, peppermint, which scares mice off, as we already know. Plus, if you are a humanitarian person, you would choose this way for cleaning your house from mice, because it doesn’t actually kill them, but makes them leave a place. When you see that all mice have left, spray this time to time around your house for new mice generation wouldn’t invade you.

3 Keep your house clean

That may sound like something too obvious, but in many cases the reason why mice don’t go away even if you tried many things is rubbish. If there is a risk of mice in your house, you should clean it twice often and twice carefully. You should be more attentive to food, don’t let small pieces to fall on the floor, or clean it immediately. If you keep some food in the attic or the basement, use sealed containers. If there is no food source for mice, they will not appear.

2 Anti-mice glue

Affordable price, easy to use and safeness for humans made this solution one of the most popular, despite it isn’t humanitarian. This doesn’t consist poisoning substances, but some special flavorings which attract mice. The glue for mice is a long-drying sticky mass and might be used around big territories. Once a mouse gets stuck in there, it will die starving and thirst. After you just wash surface off from the glue.

1 Ultrasound device

Mice ears are more sensitive than humans’, that’s why mice feel uncomfortable in a place with ultrasound. People don’t hear the working device, which makes the sound. Solid surfaces repel this sound, but soft ones, on the contrary, absorb it. Even after some time, mice don’t get used to the sound, because of the frequency of the sound changes periodically. The sound doesn’t effect on people, cats or dogs, and it is only against rodents. This sound doesn’t kill mice but makes them leave a place fast, as well as all mice “family,” and it’s recommended you leave ultrasound device working.



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