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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Strategies

A mobile marketing strategy isn’t very different from other marketing tactics being currently utilized. However, this time your focus will be on the audience that prefers to use mobile phones more than laptops or desktops.

As of January 2018, out of 4.021 billion active internet users, 3.722 billion were unique mobile internet users. These numbers are rising on a daily basis. Therefore, more businesses have started directing more focus towards adopting mobile marketing strategies. Here are the top ten marketing strategies businesses are using to target mobile users.

1 Advertise on Specific Mobile Devices through Google AdWords

With the help of Google AdWords, advertisers have the option of narrowing down their target audience by selecting through various segments. To start off, you can show your ad only to mobile users. Next up, you can show it to people using specific mobile devices. For example, if you’re running an ad for Galaxy S8 accessories, it is only useful for those who use this mobile phone.

2 Use Messages to Reach Out to Users

Many businesses forward promotional messages to old customers to retain them, or to new customers to invite them. You can buy lists of phone numbers from providers. The cost of this strategy is quite low, and it can be a good tactic as almost all mobile users have a habit of reading every message they receive.

3 Launch Mobile Apps

Do you know how much does it cost to make an iOS app or an Android App? With so many handy tools and tutorials, the development costs have decreased. You can hire someone or learn it yourself.

As the usage of smartphones increases so does the use of mobile apps. You should create a user-friendly and attractive mobile app that people can download and use. Mobile apps are easier to use, and people prefer apps even over mobile browsers due to their convenience and compatibility.

4 Maintain a Mobile Optimized Website

With the new Google algorithm, websites that are mobile-friendly have higher chances of scoring a better rank. Google took this step as more and more people are now using their phones for search queries.

5 Run Google Mobile App Campaigns

Remember the last time you played Angry Birds on your smartphone? The pop-up ads that we see while using apps and playing games are paid advertisements. You can also run such campaigns to create awareness of your brand.

6 Use Facebook Adverts

Facebook, the number one social media platform, is now one of the best marketing channels. You can use this channel by running paid ads that are targeted only to those users who are logged in through their Facebook Mobile App.

7 Share Different Forms of Media Through MMS

Images and videos are incredibly useful when it comes to marketing your products. You can send various types of media like audio recordings, pictures, videos, and even slideshows via MMS. A high number of leads can be generated through this strategy.

8 Use Push Notifications

Have you ever seen an ad pop up on your home screen? That’s actually called a push notification. It’s highly effective as viewers don’t have to make any effort to open anything because it merely pops up itself.

9 Create Mobile-Friendly Content

If you have lots of images and blogs on your website, make sure they are mobile-friendly and can easily be viewed on various screen sizes. Don’t use large images that have to be scrolled down to see other things on the page. Also, keep your blogs either short or maintain a habit of making short paragraphs to increase readability.

10 Email Marketing

Global mobile email users are expected to total over 2.2 billion. These should be enough for you to redesign your emails and make them mobile-friendly for a more significant response.

 Wrap Up  

Business owners that are using mobile marketing strategies are satisfied with the results. If you haven’t adopted any of these strategies yet, you have lots of options. Get started today and generate more leads through mobile marketing.

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