How to Study When You’ve Lost Motivation: 8 Sharp Tips to Get Back on Track

You might be a study wiz one semester and fall behind the next. While it could be because you’re burned out, you might also lack a bit of motivation. But don’t panic; even if you’ve lost motivation, you can still get it back, and we’re here to show you how.

1 Add in Some Exercise

Exercise is healthy for the body and the mind. Partaking in just an hour a day works wonders for the brain, making things seems more evident. Finding time for the gym can be a hassle but, if you gather up some friends and do something fun, you’ll be able to stay on track while enjoying the benefits of working up a good sweat.

2 Create a Q&A

A lot of times, students get unmotivated because they’re not sure how to study. That’s why finding ways to have fun and learn is key. For instance, making colorful flashcards and creating a game out of it can improve your motivation to study. So, grab some cards and get to work making questions that you can study on the go.

3 Teach Someone

When you know the information like the back of your hand, you can teach it easily. For instance, if you just learned a topic and want to test your understanding, try and teach it to someone else to see if you can. Then, while teaching, notice if you slip up on any parts. If you realize you need to study more, use Sharpessay for your writing assignment and dive into the books a little more.

4 Put the Books Away

If you’re constantly hitting the book, give yourself a break and put it away. Sometimes, some of the best information that will help on the exam is found in your notes. That’s why going to class is crucial. So, shut the book and take a look over your notes to see what you can find. Plus, it’s not a bad idea to shut the book and let your brain free for a bit so you can come back fresh and ready to soak in information.

5 Try Something New

When you realize nothing is sticking, it’s time to change up your methods. For example, reach for a fun podcast or YouTube video that teaches a bit about your topic. This will put some fun back into what you’re learning and help you get energized. If you’re behind with assignments but are looking for ways to improve studies, head to top assignment writing service to get help. It’s challenging to balance it all on your own, but we’re here to save the day.

6 Make Something

Ever got to the exam and realized that you didn’t remember anything? Well, that’s because it’s not sticking or because you didn’t study effectively. You don’t always have to follow the age-old rules, using a textbook and note taking as your ways to study. As a matter of fact, you have so many options that you might not even notice. For example, students make songs, raps, and rhymes to remember key facts for an exam. If you’re able to find something fun that makes your brain remember, use it, and watch how your grade and motivation soar.

7 Find Your Time

We all have an optimal time of day. This means that it is the time of day where our brain is engaged and ready for whatever crosses its way. However, finding that time can be difficult. So, we suggest doing a bit of train and error, seeing if you can come up with something to help you out. You might not want to go for times right after you had a big breakfast or lunch, as you’ll have to work past all the brain fog. Instead, use the time early in the morning when you’re awake and at your sharpest, or study later in the evening when you’re relaxed. Falling behind is normal every once in a while and, if you do, you have write an essay for me when you need help. It happens to the best of us, and all you’ll need to do is get back on track and pick up where you left off.

8 Break It Down

A common mistake that students make is taking in too much information. Those cramming sessions and all-nighters don’t do it for any of us and have proven ineffective. So, instead of digesting information in large chunks, break it down into smaller pieces. For instance, you know when your exams are and likely have since your first day in class. So, start little by little, taking in information from class and the textbook to keep you up to date. You don’t want to wait and then try to remember everything, as it will not be as effective as you think. Plus, after a few days of not sleeping, it can take weeks to snap yourself out of your zombie-like appearance, something that you don’t have time for. Break things down and chew them up before you take an exam or turn in an assignment, saving procrastination for something else.

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