Top 10 Fashion Trends that Men Hate

Men and women see each other differently. So, it is something natural to find them clashing over different things in life such as fashion trends and their tastes could be completely different from each other. What the woman might find as comfy and cute, most of the men would agree that it is unfashionable, and vice versa. It is recommended that both sexes should ask each other for advice whenever there is a need to. If you want to turn your partner on, it would be useless to ask your friends. We are lending ladies a helping hand here, so ladies, skim this list for discovering the fashion trends that men do not like.

10 Rompers

As we are going in our list, you can conclude by now that everything women call comfortable is not liked by men. Rompers are this type of outfit as well. Guys find that this one piece of clothing whether it is long or short makes their girls look like kids, so it fits children more especially babies.

9 Leggings

With many kinds of pants to choose from, leggings would be your best choice. They are tight and unlike jeans they come in a plethora of different colors to choose from. Men however do not like the same things you like about leggings. This might be surprising but you have to admit that these pants are too revealing to the extent that they leave nothing for imagination.

8 Skinny pants

Just like leggings, the skinny pants are the type of jeans that show everything and every part of women’s legs. This might seem strange, but many men get charmed when the pieces you choose are not the ones that reveal too much.

7 Harem Pants

Another type of pants guys do not prefer is the harem pants but this time it is that type that covers more than shows. The design of the pants which is wider around the thigh and gets tighter when it goes down looks unfashionable for some men.

6 Peplums

Peplums are this type of clothing that you may think of as a dress. Women tend to wear it to look like Marilyn Monroe and it is still in fashion till now. The strange thing is that guys admit that this type of clothing makes women look like kids. In the end, they are not turned on.

5 Uggs

Not only men, but many women as well find the Ugg boots the kind of stupid and ugly pair of boots to be worn in winter. Others, however, prefer it during cold days because it offers them the warmth and comfort feeling they need. You can choose your comfort over shape of course, but you have to know that your man does not agree.

4 Wedges

The same like the Ugg boots, women prefer the wedges for being comfortable. They also offer them the advantage of looking taller while they do not worry about falling or slipping. In the eyes of men, however, this type of shoes makes your feet look bigger which means less attractive.

3 Leg warmers

As useless as they look for some men, leg warmers are the unfashionable alternative to extra pants. Some women like them because they are the extra pieces of clothing that come in different colors so they wear them like socks. Other women are in love with them because they make them warm, no joking here! Anyway, you would prefer to keep them especially in the extremely cold weather.

2 Exaggerated Make-up

Women might think that wearing make-up is something that is not negotiable by men, but yes it is. Men do not prefer the way women overdo make-up. So, put it before your eyes each time you wear your make-up and do not apply too much lipstick or eyeshadow. In a nutshell, avoid playing with make-up that can make you look evil instead of increasing your beauty.

1 Glittering Accessories

Many women think that whatever is glittering would catch the eye, yes it would, but not in the way you want. It is exactly like overdoing your make-up. You would preferably avoid glittering clothes as well unless you are attending a party.

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