Top 10 Creepiest Stories From Children You Heard About

Our children have a lot of weird fantasies or you can say strange stories which always tell us about. This is because sometimes their deep imagination simulates a strange things to them. When you hear these stories, you will laugh. In this list, you will see 10 of strangest and creepiest stories that you have ever heard from a kid before.

1 Bloody Girls

Some kids speak about “Bloody Girls” in their rooms and they describe every thing about them; they tell about their names, what they wear and what they are talking about. One of these children said that these bloody girls were in a small white car which fell in the water. The water turned into the red color and their parents are so sad. This child said that the bloody girls love their rooms; as it is filled with a lot of toys.

2 The shadow man who talks to me through my window

We can hear this story from a lot of children. The child can say that the shadow man is looking at him and keeps talking to him all night. This is also because of his deep imagination.

3 Walking During Sleep

Another child walks and talks during his sleep. This child was talking while sleeping in the middle of the night, he was sitting in his bed with opened eyes, saying that “Naughty mummy… Naughty daddy… No more mummy… no more daddy.” Then he laughed out loud and went sleep again.

4 The dead Bird

Another child saw a dead bird, so he told his father that he knows where to bury it; as this place can make this bird come to life again.

5 New Daddy

A young child told his mother that he liked his new daddy and when she asked him who is this new daddy? He told her that his first daddy stabbed him in the back and died. So, he liked his new daddy; as he did not do this to him like his first daddy.

6 The Old Woman

One night, a child waked up and told her mother that she wanted to sleep with her; as the old woman at the window was being mean for some reason.

7 To Live With Jesus

A young girl told the friend of her mother that she would put a towel over her face and send her to live with Jesus!

8 Be Careful

A little girl told her parents that there was a member of the family was drowned in the lake before her birth. Her father asked her where he was. She told him that he was in the garage and warned her by saying “Be Careful”.

9 Jimmy

A girl told her mother that jimmy who did it, the mother asked her who was jimmy and what he did? She told her that jimmy killed his mother in that room.

10 The cat

Another story is about a girl who saw a cat playing with something which stopped, sat down and stared at a spot in the wall. Her mum had begun to pray while she stared at the cat in confusion. She picked up and snapped it out the trance where it jumped out her arms. Her mum scolded her, saying it was a Jinni.

So, our children have a lot of stories to tell, but most of them are not real.


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