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Top 10 Countries with the Lowest Crime Rates in The World

It may have escaped your notice, but, in point of fact, life is so unfair. It is so unfair to the extent that you may get killed out of the blue for materialistic purposes that cost some good bucks or for any other reason. But let us not blame it on life when the real doers are actually human beings and crimes are not only limited to murder, but it also includes theft, raping, and all kinds of inhumane atrocities and outrages. According to psychology, being encouraged to commit a horrible crime can be driven by a lot of motives that may specify the doer as someone with some mental disorder, but the sad thing is that a lot of criminals have actually healthy brains yet they use their brilliance in hurting others.

What we are trying to say is that regardless the motives that drove the criminal to commit a crime, it can never be forgiven, for a lot of innocent people get involved and justice should take place when this happens. We have seen a lot of movies where these horrible actions happen and, worse, we have seen them take place in real life or, at least, have heard about them from others or even read about them in the newspaper and that makes us fear for our lives because we might happen to be coincidently in the wrong place at the wrong time where the criminal will not bother having any mercy on you.

These hideous acts can take place anywhere all around the world, meaning we are not always safe, but for the record; there are some countries that have higher rates of crimes than others, especially; those who are famous for drug use and the abuse of illegal stuff, for they are pushed to commit atrocities for getting what they want, but the good news is, you do not have to be living in fear all of the time. How is that even possible? Well, some countries are rated to be the top countries where the rates of crimes are very low and the security is a lot higher. If you are looking for a more peaceful life, check this list featuring the top ten countries where the crimes rates are low.

10 Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most peaceful places where you can enjoy a quiet calm life. It might actually be one of the safest places around all of Europe, so you might consider it as a destination if you are afraid of the vast number of criminals that might be living all around you. Besides, you will surely enjoy spending your life at such an island where you will be surrounded by the eastern Mediterranean Sea, enjoying a lot of beautiful sceneries and views. It is also said that people in Cyprus are familiar with leaving their doors unlocked, even at the darkest times of night, for they are feeling highly safe to the extent that they do not even need to keep every corner of their house tightly locked, no wonder it is one of the best places that are highly preferred by tourists, thanks to its low rate of crimes. It is also stated that if it, unfortunately, happens for some people to get murdered, the total number of the victims can barely exceed 25 throughout the whole years.

9 Denmark

Denmark is another country in Europe that enjoys peace of mind and relatively high security and you can get this proven by directly asking a Dane citizen how his life is going in his hometown. The police force of Denmark are known to provide the citizens with very tight security, especially that there are always a great number of officers distributed all across the country, however; they barely get to see criminals roaming around or crimes being taken place, but still, they keep on working hard to keep the stability of the country. Denmark is not only considered one of the safest havens all around the world for having a vast number of police officers who are working hard but also because there are not crimes happening anywhere, to begin with as the murder rate is below 0.1 per 100,000 people. If you have ever felt like life is extremely stressing you out, Denmark should be one of the top countries highly considered to where you can take-off.

8 Iceland

Iceland is one of the most tranquil and secure countries around the globe, for the murdering incidents never fade away from people’s minds after it takes place and that was obvious in January, when a murder took place in the capital city, Reykjavik, of a young innocent woman and the begrimed story went public, pulling the whole nation together where they marched in the streets with candlelight illuminating the whole country, showing the world that every live counts.
In Iceland, there are less than 250 prisoners and the police officers are as few as below 1000, besides; they are not permitted to carry guns. The peace in this country reached to the point that prisoners are allowed to leave prisons to visit their families every once in a while. The population of Iceland is not as high as most of the other countries all around the world and maybe that is why people chose to be familiar with the faces of each other, protecting one another, and making their country a safe place for everyone to visit.

7 Japan

Japan is so much similar to Denmark; they share a few numbers of police officers that are on duty all around the country as well as a murder rate that is equal to 0.4 murders per a 100 thousand people, making Japan one of the safest countries in Asia, in particular, and all around the world, in general. Guns and weapons are not permitted to be used by the police officers and the access to them are very limited; that is because of the number of violent crimes, slaughters, and domestic disturbance is kept tucked at a very low rate. This low rate ranked Japan at the top of the list of the safest countries although their population is about three times more than that of the United States, but still, Japan’s rate of crimes are much lower.

6 Luxembourg

Although the population and the economy state of the country can play a great role in the country’s security, but there are also a lot more than that such as the size of the country, as the smaller the country is, the easier it is to be protected and fight the crimes. Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in Europe with a population that does not exceed 600,000, living in an area of almost 1000 square miles, consequently; securing such a relatively small country is deemed to be easy. As a result, the rate of crimes is very low to the point that it almost hit zero during the past few years, making people able to enjoy a peaceful life void of criminals and lawbreakers. For that reason, stating that Luxembourg is one of the happiest countries all around the globe cannot be considered an exaggeration.

5 Singapore

Singapore is, literally, the safest country all around Asia, for the rate of crimes in that country is almost 0.3 murders in every 100,000 citizens, making the statistics of crimes almost hitting the zero. We may have previously stated that the populations play role in fighting crimes; the less the population is, the easier for it to be protected, but in Singapore, that might not be the case, for it is the home to about 5.4 million people, which is considered a relatively high population compared to the area of the land on which they live. The reason for Singapore’s success in maintaining safety and security is the severe laws that are implemented that even the committed crimes can lead to the penalty of death or other severely torturing methods, besides; punishment is not only limited to tragic crimes, but it is also applicable to those who do not keep the country clean by making them pay an enormous fine. Thanks to these laws, Singapore is able to enjoy a life full of tranquility and serenity despite the fact that overcrowding might have resulted in the complete opposite upshots.

4 Bahrain

Bahrain is deemed to be the safest country in the Arab region, for they possess one of the greatest law enforcement forces in the world; Bahrain has a lot of police officers distributed around the country with almost 2000 police officers per every 100,000 citizens, consequently; the rate of crimes is expected to be satisfyingly low that even the sight of violent acts is considered very unfamiliar to the people living there.

3 Norway

For almost every dimension of tranquility and security, Norway is ranked as one of the safest countries that enjoy a life void of crimes and atrocities and that is because it possesses an actual system of social wellbeing, making it easier and safer for people to live in. Norway has certainly witnessed some troubles and crimes, but out of a 5 million people, only about 20 gets killed, ranking Norway as one of the safest and most peaceful places all around the world.

2 Hong Kong

Hong Kong has only 0.2 murders in every 100,000 people and that is actually what crimes are limited to, murders, but thefts and robberies are almost absent. For that reason, Hong Kong is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world with almost the lowest rate of crimes; making it a highly desirable country to head to if you are looking for a peaceful hassle-free life.

1 Switzerland

Switzerland is promoted to the very top of the lists that feature the safest countries around the world, rated as the most secure and tranquil place to live in because you will always get to find police officers distributed all around the country, thus; the rate of crimes are relatively low and the only violent acts that take place are usually committed by foreigners. Otherwise, the citizens are familiar with the nonviolent and passive atmosphere that the country represents.

How peaceful it is to find out that the world still has some spots where you can have a fair life and live happily. If that is the life you are looking for, then you have the opportunity to select one of the ten countries listed and immediately head to it.

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