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Top 10 Best Black Mold Removal Ways

Molds are a common challenge in most households. You may often notice the accumulation of blackish greasy stuff smelling like mildew. These things not only look odd but the smell is also filthy, offering a dirty appearance. Moreover, these are most visible in dark, damp places which are abandoned from direct sunlight. These molds are highly contagious and spread quite fast if not removed early. Now there are many professional services available in the market if you want to get rid of these molds immediately. Molds can sometimes be harmful if it comes into direct eye contact, skin contact or inhaled. Therefore, even if you decide to remove molds all by yourself, you do need to take some precautionary measures.

 Personal Precautions 

  • It is highly essential to get the complete protection of your body. Therefore, you need rubber or latex gloves for your hands, and complete body covered clothes and eyeglasses.
  • You must also avoid inhaling the molds while cleaning; therefore wearing a protective mask is also essential.
  • Sealing of the vents and other escapes to avoid mold spreading to different rooms or areas while removing is also essential. Once all the exits and events are sealed, you can fit in one exhaust fan to help get the molds out from one transit.
  • Applying disinfectants after cleaning the area often helps to stop spreading of molds to surrounding areas.

Now, here are ten of the most effective black mold removals.

1 Borax

Borax is an easily available ingredient, which can be availed from any supermarket. Even the procedure is simple. You need to mix 1 cup of Borax with one gallon of water, preferably hot water. Once mixed you need to spray this mixture over the affected area and after a few minutes wipe of or scrub off, but do not rinse. Borax is highly toxic in nature though it doesn’t emit any foul or strong smell. Best results found when applied to tiles.

2 Detergent

When you are trying to remove molds on non-porous surfaces like tiles, glass, etc., detergent can be a quick and easy as well as handy solution. However, with detergent and warm water mix you can essentially scrub away molds in most cases, but it does not kill the molds. Once you are done with the thorough scrubbing of the affected area, rinse off the place with warm water once again.

3 Grapefruit Seed Extracts

When removing molds personally without professional help, it is safest to stick with natural remedies instead of harsh chemicals. And grapefruit seeds are natural and exclusively antifungal in nature. Take 2 cups of water and pour in minimum 20 drops of raw grapefruits seeds extract. You can then use the mixture in a sprayer to spray over the molds. Even for this remedy, instead of rinsing the application wipe it off after a few minutes.

4 Ammonia

Ammonia is a strong chemical with a strong smell as well. Therefore while using this chemical for killing and removing molds, you must use protection to avoid direct skin contact and inhaling which can cause irritations. It is not a suitable cleaning solution for porous surfaces, however good for glass or tiles. Mix clear ammonia with water in 1:1 proportion. Once applied to the affected area let it be for 2 to 3 hours then rinse off.

5 Bleach

Once again similar proportion mixture like that of ammonia, Bleach needs to be mixed with one gallon of water in 1:1 ratio. After application, do not rinse, instead, wipe off. It is best for application on hard and non-porous surfaces. Again protection is recommended since the chemical is harsh and toxic.

6 Vinegar

White distilled vinegar is exclusively effective on molds when sprayed directly over the affected area. After half an hour of the application, rinse off the area and then again, after a few hours wipe of the area with a damp towel.

7 Baking Soda

It is not always necessary that you get the best cleaning of molds by expensive chemicals or expert services. Baking soda which is an easily available ingredient in your kitchen can also be used to remove molds. It is not only safe for skin or even if you inhale it but also easy to use and completely green since it does not emit any toxic reactions while applied. You need to make a paste of baking soda with water in the proportionate mix. Apply over the area and scrub it off after an hour, then simply wipe off the area.

8 Borax and Vinegar Mix

Mixing a half cup of vinegar with one-quarter cup of Luke warm water and 1/4th cup of borax makes a strong mixture which can remove molds easily. Once applied to the molds, you need to scrub off the molds, then finally use a damp clean cloth to wipe off the stains. For persistent and strong stains, the repeated application can be useful.

9 Hydrogen Peroxide

One must be careful while using this chemical since high dosage of this chemical can be hazardous for the skin as well as the infected surfaces. Since it is a bleaching material, you will often find the color of the surface fades after the application. However, proportionate mixture and low concentration of use can be safe.

10 Tea Tree Oil

Completely natural yet a highly effective solution for removing molds and stains. It can be found easily at any supermarket; however, you need to find real tea tree oil. Any kind of alterations may not be effective. Once you have an authentic product, mix one tablespoon of oil with a cup of water. You can use a sprayer bottle to spray the mixture on molds. After a few minutes wipe off the surface to get rid of mold stains. One of the best parts of using this oil is that it is completely safe, with no toxic effects, harsh reactions or foul odor. Therefore, if you are looking for something safe and non-toxic, go for tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extracts, etc.

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