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Review of the Top 10 Best Moving Companies in the USA

Every time you need to relocate or shift from one state to another or nation or even in another city you require the services of movers. They assist you to seamless move your possessions from one place to another. Now, while in small towns or counties these moving services are often operated by small families known by the rest of the families of the town, there hardly arises any issues of trust. But in most cases, you need to search for professionals of long distance, nationwide movers, or international movers too for yourself.  This is the time when you need the reviews of the best services available in the US to pick up one out of them rather than relying on any unknown services with all your valuable and hard-earned possessions.

 Factors of Concern  

Factors which construct trust and enhances the reliability quotient for the moving services include:

  • Timely assistance and arrival of helpers on scheduled time.
  • Comprehensive assistance on packing with quality packaging materials if required by the client.
  • Smooth and seamless loading and unloading along with being careful with the different kinds of items: fragile, valuable, etc.
  • Timely delivery of the items on the venue.
  • Proper documentation and work proof offered to the clients.
  • 24/7 helpline and easy tracking methods.

These are only some of the basic requirements a client looks for when handing over his prized possessions to a moving service provider.

 Essential Evaluation  

To filter the best services available around, you can quickly refer to the Better Business Bureau website in order to check the companies having proper license and certifications in moving business apart from also referring to the American Moving and Storage Association. Also, to secure the transporting of your possessions you can:

  • Check the insurance coverage and the duration of insurance after delivery. This will help you to unpack things within the insurance period.
  • Make sure that you have completed written documents about payment procedure and be careful that authentic services mostly seek for payments only after complete delivery.
  • You can also try paying out with credit cards to check fraudulence.
  • Take quotes of the service from 3 to 4 companies to compare and filter the best deal out.

However, here you will come across a quick glance at the USA’s most accredited and trusted moving services as you go through the list of the top 10 best moving companies in the US.

10 United States Federal Relocation Services

This is a dedicated long distance moving service provider that offers comprehensive moving services for residential, commercial as well as military purposes. The company not only offers both packaging and unpacking services as per client requirement but also presents storage solutions. It provides comprehensive insurance for your valuables as well.

9 Mayflower Transits

This is one of the oldest services in America offering dedicated moving business and service since 1927 that is for 80 years. Operating in over more than 650 locations with more than 500 trained and certified staffs, Mayflower is also renowned for the timely working schedules and safe packing, unpacking, cargo loading facilities. You can also track and keep a record of your possessions with their May Track and precise Track technologies.

8 Flat Rate Moving

The company which came into the business in 1991 has emerged as one of the most trusted National and International movers in America. Their services have been labeled to be five stars as per the excellence scale, and they also offer personal accounts manager. Flat Rate Moving operates through nine Branches located throughout the USA as well as in international locations. They offer a streamlined service which includes protection and crating, logistic planning, art moving like advanced services too.

7 International Van Lines

When it comes to trust, timely work, complete assurance of quality work, this company as always has surfaced above others with its exclusive services and has been rated amongst the top 3 moving companies of America and prides in being an A+ rated company. It specializes in residential, commercial and all kinds of moving contracts internationally.

6 Madison Van Lines

However, though the company exclusively operates domestically but owns a strong reputation of 5-star rated services. One of the specialties of the company is that it is certified by Pro Mover Reviews one of the most accredited certifications in the USA. Within national boundaries, it offers relocation services to each corner of the nation. It also offers free quotes for their services according to the estimation of your valuables.

5 North American Moving Services

If you are seeking an international moving support, calling this company can make your work smooth and efficient since they not only have representatives all across America but also in 175 international locations as well.

4 Roadway Movers

If you are looking for storage while you manage your journey for the relocation, Roadway Movers arranges for you free one-month storage of your items. One of the exclusive features of this service is that it offers limited liability protection of $0.06 per pound per article. Corporate or residential, this company offers comprehensive packing, moving and unpacking services.


Operating since 1998, the company has several branches all throughout America. It offers easy moving services, allows you to drive your valuables as well as offers driving services too. You can store and move valuable throughout the required period as you wish.

2 United Movers Group

This company has been offering steady and well-reputed service since 1992. It offers local as well distributed national services. It has a strong network of operation. It specializes in offering exclusive climate controlled storage options.

1 Wheaton Worldwide Moving

This is globally renowned moving service which has been in moving business since 1945. Starting with a small relocation attempt from Ohio to Michigan today it has an extensively expanded network of service and operations worldwide. Today, almost 250 branches are operating in different corners of the world, and the company houses 400 employees approximately. Besides, they have taken an environment-friendly initiative of going green in their operations.

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