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Top 10 Unhappiest Jobs in The World

Human beings are wired to go through problems and face them, believe it or not. We feel miserable when life is stagnant even if we are the richest. This list of unhappiest jobs proves this theory right. Only one reason is behind every unhappy person here. What is it?

10 Teaching

Teachers are unhappy! Actually, not much and it is not about teaching. For anyone whose teaching is a vocation for them, they would find it rewarding away from salary or circumstances. As for salary, it could be above 40.000 dollars. The problem appears when teachers are the kind of ambitious and love to move forward. Like the program manager above, there is no space to the feeling of achievement and progress to be born inside the system. Maybe out of it?

9 Maintenance Supervisors

Thinking that 50.000 dollars a year is not bad of a salary? When you keep working for many hours even after you leave work, you realize they are not enough. Maintenance Supervisors have to keep track of work and may be called at any time during the day.

8 Marketing Managers

Again! Marketing is always mind-boggling. Marketing managers make around 64,000 dollars. Your role in any company would be somehow intricate because you not only manage, but you coach as well. Like sales directors you might need to create programs for the company and trainees.

7 Marketing Director

A salary of 68.000 dollars is good if you love the busy life of marketing and the responsibility of creating programs. To work as a marketing director, you have to put the vision of products, create programs and customers demands. You will have also to create what service your company should offer to its customers.

6 Sales Engineering

Between the borderline of sales and engineering, you are going to play. Sales engineering receives over $70.000 a year for selling products that fell in the industrial or scientific domain. You have to have a good background about the thing you sell, know its nitty-gritty and have the talent to sell.

5 In Management

With a stable job, days off, a good salary of 80.000 dollars; there is a bad side to it which is you feel thet your life is a routine. What do you do? You have some product idea to plan and develop, try, till you see it in markets. Simple, tight?

4 Sales Directors

Sales directors could pull 90.000 dollars in the end of the year but have to achieve a big number of prolonged tasks. They are the ones who analyze the data and build decisions upon them. You should have the visions that enable you build goals upon the data you have. But not just that, you will work as a trainer as well formulating training programs to staff in sales.

3 Program Manager

A program manager is a one who could get up to $90.000 annually, but does not have any sense of progress. You plan the basic elements of any project from A to Z, the vision, budget, and construction. After that you hand it on to the next one responsible! When you do not see the fruit of your hard work over any project, you will have a messy unrewarding feeling.

2 Nursing

Like teaching, nursing could be a piece of heaven only if it is a vocation. They share the same problems of the teachers, product managers and many others; which the lack of progress. Nurses however have more complaints about the environment. The workplace could be a source of daily problems.

 1 In Guard Duty

A vigil, ward, and security officer are the unhappiest ones, in their jobs. Working in a bit dangerous environment is not what bothers security officers; actually, they admitted liking it. Lack of Progress and reward, is the major problem here as well.

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