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Top 10 Most Popular Christmas Toys for Boys

Are you looking for a gift for your son? It is easy to get one as there are countless gift ideas that are particularly presented to boys and they differ in the skills that they improve. Most of the toys and games that are specially manufactured for children aim to entertain children and make them enjoy their time while playing but it is not the only goal. When you decide to purchase a gift for your boy, you have to pay attention to the skills that they develop and the abilities that they improve and you have to decide whether they are going to be beneficial for your child or not.

Sometimes, you may find that the game or toy is attractive not just for your kid, but for you also and it is your role to choose what is beneficial for you boy. Most of the boys like action games and toys, but there are also others who like those games that help them to improve their skills and prepare them for the job of the future. You have to bear in mind that choosing the best gift for your child does not just depend on its price or shape, but it is also decided by the age of your boy and the skills that your child needs to improve. Here is a quick glance at the top 10 awesome Christmas toys for boys to choose the best one for your son.

10. Clue The Classic Edition

Help your boy to become a professional detective in the future by presenting this fascinating gift to him. The game is presented through a classic game board and it includes six suspect pawns. You will also find a confidential case file, six classic weapons, a detective notebook pad, and rules.

9. WowWee MiP™ Robot – White

Bring a new friend to your child by presenting this robot to him. MiP robot keeps balance on its two wheels and is equipped with GestureSense technology which means that it can be controlled by hand motion. The robot is powered by an Android or iOS smartphone and will dazzle you with what it can do.

8. Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway Playset

The toy has one entry that can be found at the top and there are three exits at the bottom. One of the three exits that are presented at the bottom of the toy is a jump which makes your child enjoy watching his vehicle while jumping from this exit. The toy features various switches to change the path of the vehicles, traffic signal, working crane, gates that open and close, small vehicles, parking meter, and gas pump.

7. Simon Swipe Game

It is one of the most fascinating games that are suitable for both boys and girls. The game can also be played by anyone regardless of the age of the person as it is suitable for those who are 8 years old and more. Playing this game depends on fast action as you have to remember and quickly repeat the patterns that you listened to and watched before.

Your child can play the game alone but it will be more interesting and challenging when it is played with others. The game features a touch screen and can be more interesting when it is played in the dark.

6. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Kit

Encourage your child to start building his own projects and learn more about electronics. There are more than 100 fascinating projects that your child can build within this game with the help of an illustrated manual. The amazing projects that your child can build with the help of more than 30 parts include doorbell, burglar alarm, and more entertaining projects.

5. Pop Bottle Science

If you want to increase your child’s knowledge about science, then you can surely bring him this awesome gift. He can enjoy his time while doing scientific experiments. There are 79 exciting experiments that your son can do and all of them are kid-friendly experiments.

All the materials that are required for doing the experiments are included. There is also a 96-page full-color guidebook that shows your child what to do to successfully perform the experiments.

4. Fold

Does your son like playing puzzle games? If it is yes, then you can present this game to him. The game helps your child to improve different skills such as motor skills, mathematical thinking, logic abilities, and what is more important than all of that is patience. The puzzle game requires folding ten patterns and your son has to challenge himself to finally find the solution.

3. Ballista Kit

This toy is inspired by the artillery weapon that was used before in the past by the Roman Empire. It is made of hardwood and is perfect for those boys who like action toys and games. The toy is light in its weight and can be easily assembled. It is durable thanks to the materials from which it is made.

2. Ivan’s Hinge

It is another puzzle game that may seem to be simple and easy, but it is in fact challenging and cannot be easily solved. Your son will need to twist, loop, bend and fold several times trying to find the right solution. The game includes 56 challenge cards.

1. Erector 10 Model Set – 190 pc

Encourage the motor skills inside your son and help him to be more creative as a beginning engineer through building 10 models making use of more than 190 parts. The game includes instructions that show your son how to build 4 models and the instructions that are needed for the other 6 models can be found on the internet. There are no batteries that are required for creating these 10 models.

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