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Top 10 Tips for Finding Affordable Housing in Los Angeles

Although going to colleges in Los Angeles can be costly, student housing accounts for a larger part of these costs. Often, students face high housing costs, not because of the limited rental units near learning institutions, but because they do not know how to find affordable bargains. Here are ten tips for finding the most affordable housing options.

1 Budget in advance

Before beginning your search, it’s important to determine the amount you wish to spend on housing. This helps you make informed decisions on what you can do to cut back the rental costs without compromising your quality of life. Although you should allow room for flexibility, always avoid housing options that will result in excessive spending.

2 Research the area and choose the best location

If you choose to live off-campus, make sure you familiarize yourself with the area before renting a housing unit. Find out whether there are amenities, restaurants, and student hangouts that suit your needs. You can also do an online search and talk with friends to determine whether the area is safe and student-friendly. For those that prefer living far away from campus, make sure you have easy access to public transport.

3 Hunting

When searching for student housing Baton Rouge, check out all available options. Some students rush into signing a housing agreement or paying for a unit without exhausting their options, only to realize they could have secured better deals when it’s too late. When you go house hunting, always remember that housing units closer to the campus are always more costly. For this reason, consider renting a unit located away from the campus, but keeping in mind the transport costs.

4 Networking

Networking with friends and college alumni can help you find surprisingly good housing deals in Los Angeles. Let everyone know that you’re looking for a student rental. A friend might refer you to someone who is moving out or a vacant unit in their apartment building. Another advantage of using your networking skills is that it saves you money that would have otherwise been spent as broker fees.

5 Consider using a Local Affordable Housing Authority

Several local and state housing authorities can help you find affordable housing units. Most of these organizations have the mandate to help individuals and families find low-cost housing units in Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods. As a student, you can be lucky enough to benefit from their programs.

6 Negotiate with your Landlord

Unless you’re looking for an apartment in a highly populous area where units are on high demand, most property owners are open to negotiating. Sitting down with your landlord and renegotiating the rates can score you a great deal. Of course, you will need to convince the property owner with a genuine reason(s). Offering to sign a longer lease or paying rent for several months upfront can give you leverage in your negotiations, and even better, secure you a worthy discount.

7 Sharing

It’s normal for students in Los Angeles to share housing units. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you can consider finding a few trusted roommates. Sharing the rental space will save you a substantial amount of cash. However, you will require the approval of your landlord or property manager before doing so. This, in turn, reduces your rental financial pressures without risking eviction.

8 Subleasing

If you’re looking for temporary student housing in Baton Rouge, you may consider subleasing an apartment or studio from your colleagues. In this case, the original tenant leases the house to a third party, but the initial lease agreement with the property owner remains in effect. In most cases, the party subleasing reduces the rental cost and pays the difference. If the person leasing the housing unit is desperate to move out, take advantage of the situation, and negotiate a much lower price.

9 Study the lease agreement

The tenancy agreement is an important document that provides a detailed explanation of everything required from you during the tenancy period. You should, therefore, read through and understand the terms included before signing. This includes your upkeep responsibilities as a tenant as well as the conditions for receiving your security deposit in full.

10 Become a Property Caretaker

Most people hire caretakers to take care of their Los Angeles homes while on vacation. Although it’s not always a good fit for students. Those who feel their schedule allows it can consider taking up the role of a property caretaker. In most cases, the accommodation is pretty impressive as you will live rent-free; and if lucky enough, get paid for your work. Property caretakers are assigned some simple tasks to do while living in the house, such as taking care of pets.

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