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Top 10 Relationship Problems Every Couple Should Avoid

While it’s only natural every relationship will face issues, the majority of these will be surmountable, provided the parties remain open to discussion and conflict resolution. Sometimes these problems are far more serious and can have long-lasting implications, and in certain instances, they will kill a relationship stone. Here are ten types of problems that couples must avoid.

1 Trust

The bedrock of any relationship is to have the ability to trust a partner implicitly. This covers a whole range of situations, from appreciating and relying on each other to understanding that they’ll never do anything to betray this precious connection. Unfortunately, people are also driven by their hormones and sometimes embark on affairs without considering the consequences.

In this case, the chief consequence of an affair, trust, is destroyed. No matter how earnestly the guilty party might implore forgiveness, there will always be a question mark. Once trust has been broken, it can be impossible for a relationship to recover.

2 Abuse

Abuse is an even more insidious problem. While partnerships can survive infidelity, abuse will drive a wedge between them from where it will be challenging to return to normality. Abuse not only destroys trust, but it creates a toxic situation where the injured party will lose respect for their partner.

There are various patterns of abuse, from verbal intimidation through to physical harm. Sex, that most potent expression of intimacy in a relationship, can turn into abuse when it is imposed against one individual’s will. A great deal of courage is required by the abused person to seek help to resolve this.

3 Jealousy

It’s only natural to feel those green-eyed pangs when your partner seems to be showing too much interest in that attractive individual in your social circle. But an indication of the strength of any relationship is the ability to accept there is nothing unhealthy in having other friends.

4 Miscommunication

A couple can face difficulties when there is a lack of communication. Any issue should be confronted at the earliest possible stage with earnest and open conversation.

5 Time management

It is important for partners to spend quality time together. When one begins focusing on other areas, from work to hobbies, without devoting time to their significant other, this will appear as selfish. Worse still, it will give them the impression that they are no longer fully committed to the relationship.

6 Cheating

Cheating can manifest in more subtle ways than actual affairs. A partner might be guarded about the time they are spending with a friend or someone at work. They might withhold information, or worse still, lie. This dishonesty might lead to bigger problems further down the line.

7 Head in the sand

Issues must be confronted rather than ignored in the hope they’ll go away. Disagreements are a natural part of life, but they can be resolved by mature discussion, not shying away from them.

8 Sexual gaps

Imbalance in sexual appetite can become a problem. There can be underlying reasons for this, from simple fatigue to deeper issues. Again, the key is understanding and dealing with these obstacles.

9 Finance

We live in economically uncertain times, and issues like redundancy can have a severe impact on a relationship. Any couple experiencing financial difficulties should seek advice straight away and never let problems fester. Professional money advisors can offer solutions.

10 Family

One partner might have an uneasy relationship with their in-laws. Perhaps they have to deal with step-children. But whether they meet girls online or have a long-lasting partner, partnerships are never just about two people; growing to accept extended families is all-important.

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  1. Do not expect your relationship to solve all your problems. Strong relationships bring joy and pleasure, here is happiness within each of us. No one will make you happier and more cheerful than your own inner strength. No one but you will cure your old wounds, emptiness and no one will teach you to forgive. Do not impose on anyone responsibilities for your own happiness.
    Do not let fear prevail over love and sincerity. You will never lose loving, only the fear of going forward will keep you an outsider. It is impossible to build relationships, without giving a chance to a loved one. Without trust, love dies. You can not live with the thought that you are deceived, you need to learn to trust people. If you want to trust someone, you need people to trust you.
    There is nothing better for relationships and happiness than to be yourself, despite all the life’s vicissitudes. Strive to be better.
    You do not need to assert yourself at the expense of other people and their feelings. Never expect other people’s permission to be yourself. Not everything depends on others. No one can allow or forbid you to be happy and live for your own pleasure. This is your personal decision, your creativity, your conclusions. All this makes you exactly who you are.

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