The 10 Criteria to Choose a Top Dental Implant Surgeon

1 The very first question any potential patient should ask is, What professional qualifications in advanced studies such as Post Graduate or Masters. The more complex an Implant treatment, the more attention should be placed on an experienced dentist who has carried out hundreds of the procedures; a dentist who will not lead to complications due to inexperience. Many dentists take part in basic dental implants courses that allow them entry knowledge into a basic easy implant placement. However, placing Tooth implants into the front smile line area takes immense skill and advanced technical training alongside a highly experienced oral surgery skills to counteract complications with gum recession and emergence profile of front teeth.

2 The second most important question to ask is how many implants the Implantologist has placed? Should someone advertise themselves as a specialist in Dental Implants, then you can easily follow their career on their medical association website. For Dental Implants in Perth, Australia, we have the governing AHPRA board that regulates and advertises the practitioners inclusive of their professional qualifications. Too many dentists who have carried out a simple weekend course are advertising themselves as specialists in dental Implants; this is high risk and could lead to complications that result in extended expenses. The average Implant specialist places 10 to 20 Dental Implants per week, and everyone in their staff is aware of the numbers. The best way to gain insight is to ask the staff at reception. A vague answer will automatically provide information that their history in placing is minimal and not significant enough to talk about.

3 Third in line and probably one of the most important aspects to consider is the cost of the treatment. These days any implant clinic that is serious about transparent dentistry provides an online price list that offers all the information regarding implants. Their quotes are presented in two formats. The first cost is usually purely for placement of the implant. In West Australia, the code is 684 and will provide the cost for the implant placement as well as the surgery aspect in a single fee. The average cost for placing an implant is from US$1000 across the world. These costs have dropped dramatically over the last 10 years and this 10% annual decline will continue as more dentists climb on board, and therefore, costs continue to decrease. Competition in this space is fierce, and it is now the same price to replace a tooth that requires root canal treatment as it has a complete single dental implant placed from start to finish.

4 What brand of implant is offered? There are 700 manufacturers worldwide, and usually, the top technology offered falls into the TOP 10 manufacturers. All dental implant manufacturers offer a LIFETIME warranty on their Implants. Safety would fall in choosing a brand that has a high profile. All Implant surgeries should result in an implant record card handed over on the day of tooth implant surgery.

5 Price is just as important with many implant clinics offering online pricing and price lists which provide peace of mind for the patient that the treatment is both affordable and will not lead to the stress of treatment with unknown financial repercussions.

6 Implant Sterilisation protocols should be available for every potential patient to peruse.

7 Original components are an absolute MUST for your Implant. Be warned some unscrupulous dentists offer implants that use AFTERMARKET or fake components to bring down the cost. This is an absolute NO and will lead to long term complications for implant treatment.

8 How interested the clinic is in answering your questions, if you are brushed aside and left high and dry with no answers, then you have an idea on how you would be treated if a problem arose. Remember the VERY first communication with an Implant center is the BEST you will get.

9 Does the staff offer long term treatment roll out for patients who do not want expensive loans. These days it is simple to plan a treatment over a year or two without a need for expensive loan options.

10 Are you absolutely sure you need a dental implant?  One in every 10 patients that visit our clinic has been incorrectly advised by an overzealous dentist that an implant is necessary. ALWAYS obtain a second opinion first.

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Implant surgeon: Dr. Jose’ Nunes

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