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Tips for Passing Microsoft MCSA 70-761 SQL Certification Exam Fast!

Microsoft Certification program has been continually providing certification exams worldwide. Earning these valuable certificates shows not only your in-depth expertise and competent skills but also your commitment and hard work. Certifications are tangible proof of your talents in the field of information technology.

Microsoft SQL 2016 (70-761 exam)

Microsoft SQL 2016 (70-761 exam), also known as the Querying Data with Transact-SQL, is the first exam required to the topic about querying data with Transact-SQL. Transact SQL is the query language that is used in SQL Server. Hence, the exam is all about learning and deepening one’s knowledge and skills in SQL. Microsoft 70-761 exam primarily assesses your skills in managing data using Transact-SQL, querying data with advanced Transact-SQL components, and program databases using Transact-SQL.

Managing data may include creating Transact-SQL SELECT queries, querying multiple tables by using joins, implementing functions and aggregate data, and modifying data. Besides, querying data involving a group, pivot temporal, and non-relational data using several ways. As for program databases using Transact-SQL, one can be tasked with creating database programmability, implementing error handling and transactions, and implementing data types and NULLs.

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1 Audience

This exam is suitable for database administrators, system developers, and system engineers who are specialized with SQL Server. Anyone with interest can take Microsoft 70-761 exam provided they accomplish the prerequisite of two or more years of working experience. The registration fee only costs $165.00 (in US dollars). For you to succeed in the exam, you must score at least 700 out of 1000.

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2 Prep Resources

There are several options to start preparing for the exam. Microsoft itself offers several prep resources for you to utilize, including instructor-led training, online training, practice test, books, and even more resources. Check out the exam preparation guide to get an overview of the exam, videos of frequently used exam question formats, and many more. There are also online courses and resources you can find over the net. For one, ExamSnap offers comprehensive courses and hour-long videos with advice on how to memorize coding and write JavaScript. For insightful videos, check out SQL Server tutorial for beginners, Introduction to JSON in SQL Server, Working with XML and SQL Server, and Beyond T-SQL (Non-relational features in SQL Server 2016).

3 Book resources

For book resources, you can opt to grab a copy of Itzik Ben-Gan’s books as wells as Murach’s SQL Server 2012 for Developers (Training & Reference). Other helpful books include Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Programming, Beginner SQL Programming Using Microsoft SQL Server 2016, and Learn SQL Server INtuitively: Transact-SQL: The Solid Basics.

4 Training courses

Furthermore, reliable training courses that can help you understand and exam topics better include Course 20761A: Querying Data with Transact-SQL, SolidQ, and Pluralsight. Successful candidates widely use these online references for their exam preparation.

5 70-761 Brain Dumps

Moreover, 70-761 dumps are especially seen by several test-takers to be a major contributing factor to their own mastery of the test. The practice questions allow you to absorb ideas that will be useful in the actual exam. The exam questions found in the practice dumps are closely similar to the exact Microsoft 70-761 exam. It’s formatted in a professional manner to fully cater an individual’s learning techniques and ensure adaptability in the actual testing environment. Almost all study materials of several dump sources claim to have a 100% guarantee pass to each test-taker. And, so far, several candidates who have passed the Microsoft exam never fail to give credit to practice dumps and the insights they gained from accessing one.

6 Great tips in preparing for the exam

Cramming doesn’t usually work in preparing for exams as big as this. Certification exams require great commitment and effort. Effective studying is not achieved by just reading the exam coverage in just one go and one bulk. Instead, effective studying is to create a study plan and to commit yourself fully in doing it. Planning ahead of time is the most important tip for everyone especially for those interested in taking certification exams. Planning entails scheduling your study load, distributing exam topics per day, making notes, and reviewing what you’ve learnt.

Allot specific time to study and regularly commit to it to make it a habit. In your study session, know your goals and focus on it. Take down notes on the most important details. Get the gist of what you are reading. You can make notes through flashcards, diagrams, or any way you find it useful and appealing. See if you can simplify what you read in your simple terms. knowing will also help you assess your understanding of the topic.

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Reasons to get certified

The list of reasons why you should be a Microsoft certified by taking this specific exam would go on and on. Of course, being placed in your desired job position would seem such a triumphant feat already. However, the benefits you can acquire by passing 70-761 exam proves to be greater than that. The use of your certification does not just end after you’ve become an official certified Microsoft professional. Instead, it will continue to expand all throughout your professional track. On top of that, you can have the security and confidence in the organization you are a part of since the certification speaks for your credibility and competence as a professional.


With this certification, your ability to work with Microsoft will be enhanced through various training courses and resources. In a competition so tight and packed, becoming a Microsoft professional does not happen overnight. Taking this path indeed requires dedication, commitment, and effort. By doing so, always spend a portion of your time studying and preparing for the exam. The practice dumps available, as well as other prep and book resources, are all designed to assess and open up your fullest potential so that you reach your desired outcome. Always practice to know which areas you need to pay more attention. When preparing for the exam, avoid distractions to be more productive. All these add up to what makes a competent and well-adjusted professional in the Microsoft realm.

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