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Top 10 Best Jobs For Fresh Graduates

When finishing your college, do not worry about your career, leave the life of studying and begin a new one of working. In the beginning of your career, you will need to have one of these jobs included in this list about the top ten jobs for fresh graduates.

10 Insurance Sales Agent

There is an augmented need for insurance agents; the Bureau of Labor Statistics looks forward to this career path to augment by 22% by 2020. Researches demonstrate that there are 336,740 insurance agents, gaining an annual salary of $63,400. Though one third of all insurance sales agents is reported having, as a minimum, a bachelor’s degree, only a high school diploma is needed to get this job, it is a sole factor among the top ten best careers.

9 Management Analyst

There are about 540,440 people employed nationwide now. All companies even government organizations and non-profit organizations depend on the exclusive expertise of management analysts to run efficiently. With the beginning of the global economic depression that began in 2008, operation of management consultants has been increased, and order for these professionals is expected to carry on increasing by 22% by 2020. The annual salary for management consultants is $88,070.

8 Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts achieved powerfully in every class of careers evaluation. With 482,040 systems analysts at present working in the U.S., the career class is expected to increase in demand of 22% by 2020. With annual salary of $83,800, it belongs to the most highly remunerative job classes on the list.

7 Elementary School Teacher

In fact, elementary school teachers have selected a job that is high on the careers list due to the number of employed teachers which reached 1,360,380. Outnumbering any other particular occupation, a teaching career provides stability that is comparatively atypical in other fields of pursuit. In general, demand for teachers is momentous on a global scale.

6 Accountant

Accountants are on this list as a result of the pure demand for accounting jobs. As a matter of fact, 1,129,340 people in the U.S. work as accountants as well as auditors, with a highly regarded expected growth rate in the field by 16% by 2020. The annual salary for accounting and audit careers reaches $71,040, which has grown by about $10,000 in the last three years alone.

5 Software Developers — Applications

The dissimilarity between these sorts of software developers is that the applications software developers are more interested in the consumer side of the software development, modifying the manufactured goods to guarantee the desired results, and the systems software developer’s function relates to the formulation and analysis of software obligations.

4 Software Developer — Systems Software

Even though the command for applications software developers is rising, systems software developers have an improved employment growth rate which is 32% by 2020 facing 28% by 2020 for the applications software developers, over and above a higher annual salary, reaching $102,550, approximately $5,000 more for the applications software developer. It worth.

3 Network systems administrator

If you are good with computers and like helping others, you can think about being a systems administrator. At any time computers, phone, televisions stop working, system administrators fix the problem. Actually, bachelor’s degree in computer science of a relating degree and related work experience is enough.

2 Financial analyst

Analysts dispense advice on how to develop a company’s or individual’s profits. Having employed in this field is enormously reliant on contacts, so develop your network throughout internships and university activities.

1 Registered nurse

From putting plans of care to releasing patients from the hospital, nurses go after patients’ medical conditions during their accommodation in hospitals. Like in all other medical careers, a strong knowledge in math and science is a supreme must.



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