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Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies to Work for That Pay High in 2022

Everyone knows that the real estate market has always remained evergreen. In other words, it is always booming. In most cases, houses do not stay in the market for up to 2weeks before buyers come around to make inquiries and finalize their purchases. This makes working with real estate companies one of the most fantastic.

According to studies, there are thousands of real estate companies in the US. This means you will have trouble choosing the best companies worth working with. There is no need to worry, though, because this post will be helping you out today. Topteny magazine’s goal is to list some of the best real estate companies in 2022. Go through the list and choose the one you consider the best real estate company to work for.

1 Freedom Mortgage

How would you feel about getting a job that pays more than $152,000 annually as a salary? Of course, the feeling is always inexpressible. This is what Freedom Mortgage can offer you. It is even a simple job that you can efficiently perform without hassle. For instance, as a mortgage loan officer, you must help homeowners get approval for loans they may be trying to obtain.

You will be provided with relevant information by potential home buyers about homes they plan to buy. This also includes their financial details. Your job is to look for favorable loan options for these home buyers. Freedom Mortgage is a company that can enable you to become a mortgage loan officer. You can find out more about its available jobs on Facebook.

2 Keller Williams

Keller Williams has been among the best real estate companies for years. According to most of its workers, it has helped them to develop and become professional agents. Sometimes you are tempted to go for the money instead of skills and knowledge. Keller Williams has built a solid reputation for delivering both.

For instance, its pay is very competitive at an annual salary of $110,868. Also, it has programs that can help new agents acquire the necessary skills to make them compete favorably with other agents in the market. Finally, you can find out more about its job recruitment activities on Twitter.

Keller Williams
Keller Williams has been among the best real estate companies for years.

3 Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker is probably the best real estate company to work for based on reviews from some of its present workers. It may not be getting the attention it deserves from the media. However, there is no doubting the fact that it is worth giving a try. Apart from agents being assigned the best training, you get the chance to enjoy non-competing managing brokers.

Your mind will always be at peace while working with Coldwell Banker. One of the reasons is that they will offer you various kinds of support for building wealth. While working with this company, your annual salaries and bonuses can amount to $122,811.

4 Fathom Realty

There is something familiar that every new real estate agent needs. This is adequate support from their colleagues. The best part is that you will get plenty of such support from a company like Fathom Realty. It is a company that is forward-thinking as well as innovative. So if you are looking for a company that tends to embrace new technologies, this is the right place.

Imagine the possibility of working with a company ranked amongst the top 10 real estate brokerages in the US. Apart from having an excellent commission structure, they have different roles would-be agents can easily fit into. Its yearly pay is around $109,884. Its social media page will explain more about this.


Regarding commercial real estate properties, it can be said that CBRE is an expert company. Since 2008, it has been listed amongst Forbe’s Fortune 500 companies. Such is an impressive feat that many companies can only dream of achieving. Some of its services are property management, property development, and mortgage. Employee benefits include paid vacations, discount programs, assistance, and 401k plans. Follow its Facebook page to get updated about available job opportunities.

CBRE company
Regarding commercial real estate properties, it can be said that CBRE is an expert comp.

6 JP & Associates Realtors

To many people, JP & Associates Realtors is the best real estate company to work for. This is due to its impressive record of turning newbie agents into superstars through some detailed and comprehensive training sessions. Its commission and salary structure are also worth talking about. For instance, it is known to offer 100% commission to agents. As an agent, the transaction fee is only what you will be paying.

This company has generated around $ 4 billion since coming into existence. This makes it one of the most successful real estate companies you can work with. Its social media page will verify such a claim.

7 Weichert, Realtors

Weichert, Realtors is another real estate company worth discussing amongst some of the best you can work with. Since coming into existence in 1969, it has become one of the finest. Also, it has more than 10,000 employees on its payroll. It is the dream company for many aspiring to become professional real estate agents. So you could see the vast follower base on its Facebook account.

Although you will get access to comprehensive training while working with Weichert, Realtors, its salary is around 42% below what most of the top real estate companies are paying at $52,547.

8 Redfin

With redfin, one thing is always inevitable. This is the fact that your transition from being a newbie real estate agent to a professional will be smooth. Since being founded in 2002, it has done nothing but leaves an indelible impression on employees. This is why they have grown to almost 7,000.

You will be entitled to a base salary and bonuses as an agent working for this company. This happens whenever you succeed in closing the sale of a home. In 2020, their agents were reported to have earned around $112200.

9 Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes is a company that is specialized in building modern homes and selling them for profits. This is where your market skills will be required as an agent. The best part about this company is that it is always searching for dedicated and committed individuals who can be added to its team.

Besides competitive salaries and bonuses, its training programs will help fine-tune your real estate industry knowledge. It also has wellness programs and flexible dental, vision, and medical plans for its workers. More of these can be found on its Instagram page.

10 Cartus

Cartus may become your best real estate company to work for, depending on what you are looking for. It is fair enough to conclude that this is one of the most reliable companies regarding uncompromised relocation services. There are indeed lots of real estate companies to work with. However, this remains one of the most engaging and invigorating environments. The annual salary of an admin assistant is $44,183. Professional agents can earn up to $120,000 annually from this company. You can follow them on LinkedIn.

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