Best 7 Software to Recover Your Hard Drive Data for Free

Have you suddenly risen from your bed, only to discover that you cannot find some of your crucial files on your PC? Or perhaps, out of excitement, you mistakenly deleted some files you can’t do without, and now you are so mad about everything. However, your frustration is growing not just because you can’t find your beloved files, but because it has taken you ages and longer than expected to get a good data recovery software that can help you crack this mystery case of missing files. This post will be walking you through the best 7 free data recovery software that can be used to retrieve missing files.

1 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

This data recovery tool has been a fantastic tool for data recovery missions. It has been heavily praised by those who have used EaseUS to recover deleted files on both Windows and Mac systems. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free has some fantastic features that stand it out from other data recovery tools. For starters, it has a quick scanning process, which means you don’t have to sit years waiting for your data to be retrieved from your storage device. Secondly, it can also recover data from deleted partitions. Download this efficient tool and recover deleted files here!

EaseUS data recovery

2 PhotoRec

PhotoRec can be used on Windows, Linux, or Mac systems. It is easy for you to think that this data recovery tool works for photos alone, given the kind of name it has. But that would be incorrect because it can be used to recover so many file formats besides images. It is open-source software that is updated from time to time. The disadvantage of using it, though, is that it’s not user-friendly.

3 Recuva

Recuva has been developed for Windows users alone to help them recover missing files. So if you mistakenly deleted a file on your PC, or you can’t find the file on your USB, then Recuva would be another option for drilling into the hiding place of those missing files and fetching them out for you. This software is free! However, if you’ve got a system that runs any other OS apart from Windows, Recuva will be the last data recovery tool that will help you solve your problem. Plus, it has a way of complicating your search for the missing items by showing you too many unnecessary files on the preview page.

4 Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home

Lazesoft Recovery Suite has served as a lifesaver to so many PC users who accidentally sent their files flying from the recycle bin. It is a powerful software that will always come to the rescue when it has to do with data recovery procedures. It comes with various modes that you can choose from. Another thing that makes some PC users may choose Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home is because it can be used to recover lost passwords.

5 Exif Untrasher

If Mac OS users had wanted to feel special by having a data recovery tool of their own, then I’m sure that desire has been satisfied by the development of Exif Untrasher. You don’t have to pay any money before you can start using this software. It is designed to recover photos of the JPEG format, which seems to be missing in digital cameras. Also, it can be used to get back JPEG images that are missing on your external storage device. As you may have suspected, this tool only helps you recover images of JPEG format. That can be a critical limitation for anyone who is looking to recover some other file formats.

6 TestDisk

There are so many compelling reasons why one would want to consider TestDisk for their data recovery endeavors. It can be used to locate lost/deleted partitions; it can be used for revamping crashed disks and making them bootable. It is free and secure. There should only be a handful of scenarios where this tool cannot be used. Before you think about using TestDisk, though, you should understand that it is not the best program for non-tech geeks, since it lacks a GUI to work with. Hence, it is a program that is only meant for pros and not for newbies.

7 Puran File Recovery

Here you have yet another free data recovery tool that you don’t need to pay any money before using. There is almost no limitation as to where you can recover files from with Puran File Recovery. You can leverage its Full scan or Deep scan for a more effective search. You can even group recovered items by their file formats. File previewing is possible immediately after highlighting. The main disadvantage of using this software is its non-appealing nature. The UI is not all that enticing.


It is frustrating to move from one site to another, looking for data recovery software without any success. It is even more annoying when you need such files urgently but can’t lay your hands on them for obvious reasons. But the tools mentioned above can help you get the job done. After a full analysis, we recommend EaseUS, which is dedicated to giving its users a fulfilling experience in the world of data recovery. The software is updated from time to time to fit with varying scenarios. Their data recovery tool is extremely user-friendly, which means anyone can use it, no matter your computer knowledge and experience.

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