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Top 10 Most Expensive Military Aircraft

Most of the advanced and richest countries in the world spend a lot of money on the military sector to ensure the needed protection for their people and defend their land against any out attacks. These countries can be described as powerful ones that make use of their money and the latest technology to develop the weapons that they already have and to invent new ones unlike other poor and developing countries that spend most of the money that they have on the essential needs such as food and drink. Among the weapons that are used by powerful countries are military aircraft that vary in their prices. Do you have any idea about these prices? Some of the most advanced military aircraft cost millions of dollars and there are others that cost billions of dollars and not just millions.

10. F/A-18 Hornet – $94 million

It is a twin-engine fighter plane that entered the service for the first time in 1980s and is considered to be the first strike fighter for the United States. This aircraft has the ability to attack aerial and ground targets easily. F/A-18 is used by many countries such as Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Australia, Malaysia, Finland and Kuwait.

9. EA-18G Growler – $102 million

It is another version of the F/A-18 fighter but is lightly armed as it is especially updated for electronic tasks in wars. It is responsible for finding anti-aircraft radar and disrupting it and it can also jam the communications of the enemy.

8. V-22 Osprey – $118 million

Although it is like a helicopter when it takes off or lands which may make some think that it is slow, it is the same like fixed-wing planes as it can fly farther and faster than helicopters. It was used for the first time in 2007 in Iraq and it was also used in Afghanistan.

7. F-35 Lightning II – $122 million

It is a stealth supersonic fighter and is developed to perform different missions such as ground attacks, air defense and reconnaissance. There are three models for F-35 which are F-35A, F-35B and F-35C. The first flight for F-35 was on December 15, 2006.

6. E-2D Advanced Hawkeye – $232 million

The Navy’s Hawkeye is updated to present this version after increasing its abilities of surveillance and reconnaissance missions. It is provided with a new radar system that is really powerful as it allows the aircraft to monitor a wide range of territory that is increased by 300%.

5. VH-71 Kestrel – $241 million

It was especially built to replace the presidential transport fleet but the project was cancelled in February 2009 by the President Barack Obama because of the huge budget that is required for completing it as it needs more than $13 billion. VH-71 Kestrel took its first flight on July 3, 2007.

4. P-8A Poseidon – $290 million

Boeing P-8 A Poseidon is developed for performing several military missions for the United States Navy such as conducting anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, shipping interdiction, electronic signals intelligence role and it can also carry different weapons such as torpedoes, Harpoon anti-ship and SLAM-ER missiles and other weapons.

3. C17A Globemaster III – $328 million

It is used for conducting different military missions such as airdrop, medical evacuations and moving troops into different war zones. It is already in service as there are 190 C17As which are used for performing these tasks. It was used in Afghanistan and Iraq for transferring humanitarian aid and troops.

2. F-22 Raptor – $350 million

It is a perfect fighter aircraft that can attack ground targets, features stealth technology, fly long distances at a high or supersonic speed and is difficult to be detected by almost all types of radar. It took the first flight on September 7, 1997. F-22 Raptor is thought to be the best fighter plane ever built.

1. B-2 Spirit – $2.4 billion

B 2 Spirit

It is the most expensive military aircraft on our list and is also referred to as the “Stealth Bomber”. It is unaffordable to the extent that Congress slashed its purchase order in 1980s from 132 to just 21. It features magnificent design and capabilities. It has stealth technology that allows it to easily attack different targets of the enemy and is difficult to be detected whether it is through electromagnetic, infrared, acoustic, visual or radar signals. It deploys different types of weapons whether they are conventional or nuclear and can penetrate dense anti-aircraft defenses thanks to its advanced stealth technology. It took its first flight on July 17, 1989.

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