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Top 12 Easiest Home Remedies to Treat Anorexia At Home

The percentage of people suffering from Anorexia in a country such as the US seems to be increasing. Medical experts have predicted that as the years go by, more people are expected to suffer from it in their bids not to gain weight. It is a world where people are looking for ways to reduce their food intake to maintain perfect shape, and this can only lead to a health condition such as Anorexia. There are various ways through which this abnormal condition can be treated. The primary aim of this post is showing you some of the home remedies that you can use to get rid of Anorexia today. It merely means that you don’t need a doctor to live a healthy life once again.

 1 Ginger

Ginger has been discovered to help when it comes to making someone suffering from Anorexia to live healthy once again due to the health benefits that it provides. It can help to stimulate your taste bud and also speed up the digestion process. Just have it taken after eating. For best results, it should be combined with rock salt and lime juice. When this is taken constantly, you will begin to develop the urge to eat at the appropriate time.

 2 Trikatu

Trikatu is very effective in helping to treat a condition such as Anorexia. It is a combination of black pepper, ginger, and pippali. One of the functions which it performs is aiding of gastric support. There are two ways which you can take it into your system. The first is through a powdered form using water. Secondly, you can take it with honey (a tablespoon). The impact of Trikatu on Anorexia is amazing.

 3 Imli and Salt

It should be noted that Anorexia is a psychosomatic disorder which means that your loss in taste and appetite can be revived once you will be able to play some tricks on your mind. To do this, you can use Imli and Salt. All that you have to do is lick some quantity of this combination. And this is going to help get your mouth’s taste bud titillated. You will begin to feel like eating something.

 4 Badi Elaichi

Badi Elachi has been discovered to help get rid of Anorexia. There are certain dishes or types of foods which you will include it in. It doesn’t only have a piquant aroma, but also the taste is unique. The aroma can provide that unique flavor to almost any type of dish. All you have to do is include it in any food you are eating. Badi Elachi helps combat a health condition such as Anorexia.

 5 Hot Water

Hot water has lots of uses and benefits as explained by medical experts. However, most people are unaware of the fact it can help those suffering from a condition such as Anorexia. It can help to get your lack of interest in food stimulated. Just take a glass of water every morning before eating, and you will be amazed at how your appetite to eat something will come alive.

 6 Nutritional Plans

This involves attempting to eat foods that are nutritious. The more nutritious food you take into your system that is how it will be easier to develop eating patterns that are healthy. You are suffering from this condition due to an abnormal eating pattern which can be easily corrected by eating foods that contain lots of nutrients which are capable of making your system to work very well. Also, try to rotate your food instead of sticking to one particular type.

 7 Support From Friends 

This disorder can be treated through adequate support from your friends and family members. For instance, they will likely monitor your eating pattern and quality of food intake to ensure that you are consistent enough. Sometimes you may want to skip meals for one reason or the other. However, through friends monitoring your rate of food consumption closely such can be avoided. This problem will be treated with time once you get enough help from the people around you.

 8 Changing Your Mindset

People are suffering from Anorexia due to the mindset they’ve developed towards losing weight. Most of them believe that slim people are much better regarding shape and appearance than fat people. You want to change your mindset and try to appreciate who you are. For instance, if you are going to skip meals, let it be for some other reasons which don’t include losing weight. Also, try to engage in exercises to stay fit.

 9 Setting Goals 

Surely this also has some wonderful effects on how this problem can be brought under control. Try to set goals with regards to how you eat over a given period. It is easier to suffer from an abnormal condition like Anorexia once you haven’t set out any goals about when to eat. You are expected to state out time to eat at different periods of the day to avoid skipping meals unnecessarily.

 10 Use Your Favorite Outfits 

Avoid putting on clothes what will make you begin to condemn your shape and appearance. This will make you not to entertain the thought of skipping meals. Just get those clothes of yours that make you feel really confident of yourself in public.

 11 Smart Eating Habits Should Be Practiced 

Even if you don’t want to take solid food or have tried some of the solutions above and nothing seems to be working, you can start taking lots of fruits. Whole grains and vegetables can also be taken. These will help you begin to develop appetite gradually.

 12 Training Your Brain 

You will have to ensure that your brain is trained and conditioned not to be afraid of food. This may take time but it is worth all the effort. Your whole mentality about food and what it represents will have to change to get rid of Anorexia. Start seeing foods as what the body requires to function effectively.

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