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Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Home and Yourselves Cool in the Australian Heat

Winter is hardly over, and the Eastern states are already hit with spring heatwaves here in Australia, announcing the fact that Christmas is going to be particularly hot this year. Whether you are new to the country or would just like a few effective tips to stay cool once the temperature starts shooting up, the following ten should prove to be mighty useful.

1 Intelligent Window Placing

Traditionally, the northern and western sides host the most number of windows because that’s where the sunlight usually comes in from, but if you manage to find a house or build one that has the least number of windows on the sunny sides, rest assured that your home will be a lot cooler.

2 Maintenance is Important

To ensure efficient performance of a water truck, it’s vital to regularly assess and maintain it. This can be done by checking for debris build-up at the bottom of your tank, carrying out tests on pumps and spray nozzles and an overall analysis of the condition of the water truck. Whilst there are costs involved with this, the costs of repairing a damaged truck can be much more.

It’s important to ensure that a water truck comes from a reputable supplier to ensure superior quality. Check out the best water truck suppliers in Australia or your local area.

3 Open and Close Your Doors and Windows at the Right Times

Just like the heatwaves make life difficult during the day, things usually cool down once the sun goes down in Australia. To take advantage of this, open your doors and windows after sunset for some natural cooling.

4 Install Ducted Air-Conditioning

The tremendous heat in Australia makes it necessary to cool the whole house/apartment, not just one or two rooms. So, go for duct AC solutions like this ducted air conditioning from Quality Air which cools your entire home evenly.

5 Insulate

This is a must in all Australian homes, but just in case you don’t have proper insulation for some reason, get it fixed as soon as possible and before summer hits.

6 Paint in Lighter Shades

Give the popular colours a break and go with shades of light blue, beige, light green or just plain white to keep your home cool.

7 Hydration

Drink at least a gallon of water or more, preferably with salt and sugar if you have to go out during the day for long stretches of time. Drink 3 – 4 liters of water in any case.

8 The Hat is Not an Accessory Here!

A hat is a necessity if you plan to go out into the sun when it’s 45-degrees outside! You will also need a lot of sunscreens, a pair of UV-protected shades and light coloured, loose-fitting clothes to accompany the hat.

9 Don’t Leave Children and Pets in the Car

If you are out during the day, do not leave a pet or a small child in the car before going out, even if it is just for a few minutes. It is extremely common and likely to cause a heatstroke or even worse.

10 Take a Shower

Taking a shower to cool down might be the oldest trick in the book, but it still works as well as ever!

11 Hang Wet Towels

During emergencies when you don’t have power, the heat can become unbearable pretty fast. Hang cold, wet towels all around the house and near the windows to see remarkable improvement.

Australia is a beautiful country and there’s much to love about it, but there are days when you will wonder if the nickname “the land down under” has more than just geographical origin! Nevertheless, the ten tips here should keep you and your family relatively cool even on the hottest of days.

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