Top 5 Benefits of Internal Intercom Systems

An intercom system is a device that supports two-way communication through audio or video transmissions. In an office setting, this system provides an ideal communication system between employers and employees. At home, these systems offer additional security. Intercom systems can also be integrated with Smartphones to make communication easier. If you are thinking about installing an internal intercom system, here are some benefits you stand to gain.

1 Compliments Surveillance Systems

Intercom systems supplement secure access to a building. This means unauthorized persons cannot access a building because an employee will see the intruder through the closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. Both parties will communicate through the intercom system so the security personnel may determine whether or not to grant access. Furthermore, intercom systems can be very helpful during emergency situations. For example, these systems integrated with CCTV cameras can be helpful during fire outbreaks. In such cases, the employee viewing the CCTV cameras will be able to guide all other employees to safe exit points.

2 An Alternative to Key Cards

Intercom systems can limit access within a particular area of a building. For example, a building’s computer room may be restricted to IT personnel alone or anyone who has the accreditation or a pass. In such cases, the intercom system can be used instead of a key card, which is easily misplaced. This means for someone to gain access, they have to identify themselves and key in their details. Similarly, in apartments, the use of intercom devices is an effective way of verifying guests before opening the door for them. Incorporating door entry intercom systems with CCTV technology enables you to control who comes in and out of your apartment. This is an effective crime deterrent because burglars will keep away from your property to avoid being identified.

3 Instantly Reach Employees

An internal intercom system can help you quickly reach anyone with a simple tap on a button. There is no need to make a phone call to reach out to an employee. You can use the system to notify a staff member to check their mail, attend to an urgent matter, or even summon them to your office. Advanced intercom systems can even send notifications to your employee’s phone. This way, they will be able to get your message even if they are in an area that is not covered by the intercom system. These systems also allow you to make office-wide announcements. For example, you can convene an urgent meeting in seconds by just pressing on a button. This makes it easier to reach staff quickly and mobilize employees to perform important activities.

4 Crucial for Monitoring

In a commercial building, it is essential to track the whereabouts of employees. You can be able to trace the days when they attended work, and the days they were absent. This is instrumental when creating their payslip. This is because they have to identify themselves at the intercom at the building entrance when entering and exiting the building. Furthermore, you can determine where they are and what they are doing to avoid irresponsible behavior and help implement disciplinary action.

Children are inquisitive and can easily start operating dangerous equipment or enter restricted areas in the house. An internal intercom system installation is the perfect way to show your child that “Big Brother Is Watching.” Children are more submissive and obedient when they know you have them in their sights. With advanced intercom systems, you are able to talk to your kids and monitor their movements.

Intercom systems also help keep track of your pets. Pets like puppies and kittens are very playful and like jumping fences or intruding into unauthorized areas. The intercom device integrated with CCTV cameras will allow you to remotely communicate with them and restrict their movement.

5 Improving the Life of Residents

Safety is not the only benefit of internal intercom systems in domestic settings. Many apartment intercom systems have handsets per apartment or multiple color monitors. For example, multi-room intercoms are convenient for people with mobility problems or some form of disability. Moving from one room to the other can be a challenge for such individuals.

By integrating ADA (Americans With Disability Act) compliant intercoms throughout the house, these groups of people have the much-required accessibility options, and their day to day lives are easier. These installations make homeowners feel comfortable and secure in their homes regardless of the challenges they have.

In Conclusion

The market for intercom devices is forecasted to grow USD 36, 729.74 million by 2025. An internal intercom system is a great way to keep communication lines open in a commercial building. At home, the integration of intercom systems contributes to improved security. There are different types of intercom systems, which vary depending on the security features they offer. However, the video or audio transmissions supported by this technology are what make it a popular security system for both households and commercial buildings.

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