Top 10 Most Recorded Countries With The Deadliest Roads

Some countries are featured of having good job opportunities, high economic, professional sports. Others are characterized of having high rate of poverty, unemployment. Yet, there is something astonishing, which is that some countries are classified as the top with deadliest roads, as high rate of accidents are reported, of which many people recorded dead. Start the list!

10 Thailand:

If you are driving in Thailand, then you have a difficult and dangerous task. The country suffers from a heavy volume of traffic in cities. The roadways are not well paved. According to InterNations, a global online group of people who live and work out of the country, driving in Thailand suffer a lot of driving in Thailand. About 44 deaths are the result of road accidents out of every 100,000 per year.


9 Iran:

Iranian driving is so perilous there. The tourism agency Let’s Go Iran recommends foreign drivers and tourists to watch out when crossing the roads, and to pay a special attention when driving on them. Iranian drivers are apt to go beyond along pavements and any part of the road as long as there is space. 38 are reported dead per year.


8 Namibia:

Namibia has is one of the countries characterized of having a high death rate, about 45 people are killed on the road out of every 100,000 citizens. The country’s roads are infamously dangerous because travelers are not acquainted with the scenery and conditions. Drivers run the risk of controlling their vehicles on the African nation’s annoy roads.

- Namibia

7 Swaziland:

Foreign drivers are advised to employ intense caution when being on the road in Swaziland. Local drivers are tend to extreme speeding and irresponsible behavior.  Apart from traffic moving on the opposite side of the road, the country also suffers from many of road hazards such as poor lighting, failure to act upon traffic signals, attendance of pedestrians on roadways, farm animals and other animals on roadways, large trucks shipping heavy loads, drivers talking on cell phones, poorly paved roads, and unpredictable stopping by other vehicles. All of these conditions lead36 deaths out of every 100,000 annually.


6 Congo:

The Congo is one of the most violent driving actions and low driving standards. There are a lot of military and police barricades all through the country. They are not at all times obviously patent. Criminal groups use barriers to rob travelers and drivers.


5 Venezuela:

You might take care that mistrustful driving is a supreme necessity in Venezuela. With the exception of all the risks from other drivers and inadequately maintained roads, there are many other threats of carjackings. The crime is dominant in Venezuela.


4 Malawi:

Bad road conditions are dominant and poorly maintained vehicles are a main trait of Malawi’s roads. There are many other dangers along the road such as potholes, animals, deserted vehicles, and vehicles travelling at night lacking lights.


3 The Dominican Republic:

This country is place for risky roads, uncultivated drivers and traffic rules are hardly ever obeyed. It is on the list of the world’s deadliest country for drivers and travelers. Actually about 32 out of 100,000 every year are recorded dead.

The Dominican Republic

2 Iraq:

Actually, Iraqi roads are extremely hazardous. One of the most dangerous roads is the Highway 80, from Kuwait City to Basra in Iraq, it is particularly disturbing. The way is famous as the “Highway of Death”, it is so-called throughout the first Gulf War, when a U.S. airplane in February of 1991, attacked a 2,000-vehicle group of receding Iraqi tanks and trucks. About 32 out of 100,000 are killed every year.


1 The Sudan:

Touring in the country via a car can be deemed a dangerous thing because of the ill-maintained roads, bad vehicle maintenance, storms and shortage in street lighting. Crowds can appear rapidly after accidents and can turn out to have violent actions.

The Sudan

If you are visiting one of these countries, you need to be cautious.


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