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10 Tips for Selecting a Sleeping Mattress to Avoid Back Pain

Getting a high-quality sleeping mattress remains one of the biggest priorities for anyone who desires comfort and class. However, you wonder why some persons still end up buying the wrong sleeping mattresses and reward themselves with chronic back pain at the end of the day. Well, the truth is that getting any of the best mattresses can be slightly challenging for anyone. However, with a few tips, you can be more vigilant in the purchasing process, and you can equally save yourself some frustrations. Here are ten tips for selecting a sleeping mattress to avoid back pain.

1 The Perfect Mattress Is Just an Illusion

Marketers always tell you there is a perfect mattress for everyone. I hate to argue with them because they’ve got a job to do. While there is nothing like a perfect mattress, you can always find one that is suitable for your body. A lot of people prefer tough mattresses since that is what is good for their back pains. Others prefer something a little softer for their spines to be perfectly positioned. Discover which one is best for your back and get it.

2 Time of Purchase

Like any other products, mattresses lose their quality by the time. So, the earlier you get them, the better for you. Mattresses seem to be in their best shape shortly after the manufacturers have delivered them. If it stays longer than that, it might lose its quality, and that could affect your back lining if used. You can find the best quality when you visit stores between May and September each year.

3 Do Not Compromise Box Springs

A good box spring has the capacity of putting a mattress’s weight and stress. That is why you are always recommended to get a box spring that is suitable for your mattress. An attempt to use old foundations or no foundations; or using the wrong mattress for the wrong box springs will only compromise the quality and your mattress support. Hence, do everything you can to ensure the right box springs for your mattress, and you can be sure of having a swell time on your mattress.

4 Bed Height Is Significant

This is especially why you cannot rely solely on what marketers tell you. Your bed height plays an important role in the type of comfort that your mattress produces. Mattresses vary in their sizes and are expected to be used accordingly. If you use the wrong mattress for a bed that is too low or too high, then it is going to be counterproductive. To know if your bed is high or low, try sitting on its edge and confirm the position of your hip and knee. Upon this confirmation, you can decide on which mattress will be best for your bed.

5 You Could Use Some Mattress Extras

It is not enough to get the best mattress. Instead, after buying, you should be prepared to take measures that will prolong its lifespan. How can you achieve this? Get encasements, pads, and protectors as they can be beneficial in protecting your mattress from not only dust but also from the harmful effects of termites and other similar organisms. With a little research, you could equally get toppers or other related items for some additional layer to enhance comfort and increase longevity.

6 Price Isn’t A Yardstick For Quality

For most commodities, the higher the price, the higher the quality! Well, if you intend to get a good mattress for yourself by using price tags as your determinants, you may likely miss it. You don’t need the most expensive products to solve your back pain challenges. A low-cost option such as a memory foam could be all you need. You may need to watch out for spring mattress though, as it doesn’t work for most people. Go after what you want, using prices as your determinants can be misleading!

7 Your Body Type Counts

It is important that you consider your weight before deciding on your choice of mattress. Are you top heavy or you belong to the heavy bottom category, or you could be 5 feet or more? you have to take all of these into account because they do influence your choice of mattress. Again, whether what you need is a firm, medium, or soft mattress is up to how you define these variables. That is why we started the article with the fact that there is no perfect mattress.

8 Addressing Your Unique Needs

You need to find out why you are having constant back pains. It may have very little to do with your type of mattress. Most of the time, backaches could be as a result of our sedentary lifestyles, bad body positioning, and relatively weak muscles. You need to ask yourself the fundamental questions and seek professional help if needed. When you have taken care of such needs, you may find it convenient to sleep on just any type of mattress. So try to establish what the problem is and save yourself the sleepless nights.

9 Extremely Hard Mattresses Aren’t Great

The issue of avoiding tough mattresses cannot be over-flogged. Although we seem to know what follows with using such mattresses, some of us love to be stubborn about using them. Various surveys have been carried out to this effect, and backache patients have reportedly experienced great improvements when they sleep on medium mattresses.

10 Support Is Not Firmness

It’s pretty easy to get confused when considering support and firmness regarding mattresses. Know it from today, a substantial mattress does not necessarily produce the best support. They are two different things entirely. Various studies have confirmed medium mattresses to provide the best support.

Getting a sleeping mattress that can help you avoid back pain much depend on some of the factors that have been rightly pointed out above. This is why they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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