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How To Make Dissertation Writing Easy

It is one thing to have writer’s block and another thing to not like the act. Writing a research paper or dissertation is indeed a matter of patience, and not everyone has the patience to do so.

However, giving that final thesis paper is important for academic success or getting a degree. So, here is how you can make the process easier.

First things first, too many dissertation papers can cause difficulty in your daily schedule, so take a deep breath to protect yourself from cognitive derailment. So, make it easy, and do not look at the task as a whole.

When Dissertation Is Difficult!

A dissertation is not a simple three-paragraph essay. It is a long work that will have a thesis, antithesis, statistics, graphs, arguments, debates, and conclusion. So, here are the tips and tricks which can help you get through the writing.

1 Pick The Right Topic

Do not pick a trendy topic that will easily impress your professors. Rather pick a topic you would like to write about. One of the biggest reasons why you are procrastinating is the difficulty with the subject.

You do not understand the subject and are facing difficulty in starting. So, plan to write a topic you not only understand but enjoy. Then, research a little, and take time to understand the assignment.

plan to write a topic you not only understand but enjoy.

2 Create Zones To Finish

You are scared because you see the task as a whole. Start playing zone defense, which means when you write your introduction thesis, just think about that and not your conclusion.

This will help you create a clear outline of your dissertation. First, understand your main topic and then the branches you are going to cover. Then you start assigning hours for each task. Capitalizing can help you get through this dissertation paper more quickly than you would expect.

This will help you create a clear outline of your dissertation.

3 Research Beforehand

If you research while writing your dissertation, it could be distracting, and it can lead to procrastination. Get the preliminary research done beforehand. Take a day out where you just research and not write.

Then save this information along with the source separately. This will be your reference paper; you do not have to start searching again. It will also prevent you from staying away from the actual topic.

laptop business website
If you research while writing your dissertation, it could be distracting, and it can lead to procrastination.

4 Don’t Try To Perfect The First Draft

Get this thing registered in your head. Your first draft wouldn’t be perfect, no matter how much you try. In fact, this trying can make you more exhausted. You will work on your dissertation paper the entire day only to find you were just able to write one page. The rest of the time was spent editing it.

This is the sole reason why editing while writing is always discouraged. Write it, and you will have time to edit and proofread it later. Plus, you are not supposed to edit something you just wrote. Therefore, a good gap is very important.

writing Draft
Your first draft wouldn’t be perfect, no matter how much you try.

5 Write The Thesis Properly

The thesis is the paper’s introductory section, and it is important for these two reasons.

  • First, it will give your reader information about what’s coming up in the following pages.
  • You will have a good idea of the topics you are covering.

Writing a thesis at the beginning of the dissertation paper is very helpful. This is where you put down a short synopsis of everything you are planning to cover. Then, in the future, while writing the paper, if you are ever stuck, you can consult this space.

Make Dissertation Writing Easy
Writing a thesis at the beginning of the dissertation paper is very helpful.

6 Add More Case Studies

Case studies can make your dissertation easy to read and understand. Plus, it gives you a new dimension to place your arguments. Rather than doing too much into the technicalities and jargon, a case study can give you a story.

Anything is more interesting when said from a narrator’s point of view. Try to find a unique case study from which you can draw your own conclusions and statistical analysis.

But, do not give more than two case studies as it can confuse the reader.

7  Discuss It With Others

The discussion will always help you find a new perspective on your topic or writing. You can either find a group of people in your school or college who are writing their own dissertation paper and then exchange notes.

If you are studying long distance, you can search for dissertation and essay communities over the internet to get you through some difficult times. They can read your paper and give unbiased feedback.

Yes, you have to listen to criticism with an open mind and improve, not get demotivated.

8 Give Time To Proofread

If you are finally done with your dissertation, do not think that the job is done. You are just over with the first draft; now, it is the editing part.

Thankfully, editing a paper doesn’t take much headspace and mental bandwidth like wiring would. So, relax, sit back, and begin reading the dissertation aloud. On paper, it might sound ridiculous, but once you do it, you will understand why it was advised.

First comes extra addition or omission of information, then comes the spelling, and then the punctuation proofreading.

Take Breaks

While wiring your paper, it is very important to take breaks. Nothing good will come when you are physically exhausted. Now, factorize your dislike for wiring in it, and you have a recipe for disaster when you overwork.

If you get easily distracted, try the Pomodoro method, where you write for 25 minutes and get a break for 5. This way, you timely prevent yourself from getting too exhausted. If you have too many dissertation papers to write at once, take help from

Start Early!

We cannot stress enough how important starting early with your dissertation paper is. The last-minute rush can help you to finish quickly, but the anticipation, distress, and lack of sleep are never good for your health.

So, start writing your paper at least a month early so that you can give yourself enough time for everything mentioned above.

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