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How To Create A Hotel Website With No Technical Skills Or Experience

Your own hotel website design is a key point in the business strategy of any hotel or hotel. The site helps the hotel rent rooms to people from other cities and even countries. Visitors can view prices, apartments and book their accommodation in the room they like.

This article will show you how to create a website and what to look out for first.

hotel website How To Create A Hotel Website With No Technical Skills Or Experience - 1 hotel website tips

Site objectives and elements

Everyone is looking for a hotel with a specific purpose. For example, some are going on vacation; others are planning a business trip. Naturally, everyone wants to stay in a good hotel and live in decent conditions.

Therefore, before you start creating a website, you need to take care of the information and visual content. To make the visitor want to book a room in your hotel.

Elements required for the website:

1. Home page

Tell us about your hotel and what sets you apart from the competition. If there are any peculiarities for which it is worth coming to you, write about them.

Be sure to indicate the location of your hotel and what public transport you can use to get to it. So you will make the path for tourists as clear and simple as possible, without having to call the administrator to ask for directions.

2. Information about rooms and additional services

The fewer questions a visitor has after viewing the page, the higher the chances that they will become your client. Therefore, tell us in detail about each room: what is it equipped with and what size it is.

3. Photos

The most important thing is the high quality of the images. It is better to hire a professional photographer, ideally with experience in interior photography. Explain in detail what should be in the photographs, what should be emphasized.

What photos to add to the site:

  • General view of the hotel building, so that the guest understands the style and can recognize the building on the ground.
  • Lobby and reception.
  • Several photos of each room category. Make sure the size of the room is clear in the photo. Do not forget to add a photo of the bathroom – this is also an important component of comfort.
  • If the hotel has a restaurant, gym, conference room, then photos of these places are also needed.
  • View from the window, if it adds value to the room.

4. Online booking

Your hotel website will become a full-fledged sales channel if the guest has the opportunity to independently book a room online. This will reduce the number of steps between visiting the site and purchasing.

The easier the booking process is, the more customers will stay at your hotel. Ideally, an online booking looks like this: the visitor selects the check-in and check-out dates and receives a list of all available rooms with photos and prices.

5. Contacts and location map

The address, phone number and e-mail should be indicated both in the header of the site and at the very end of the page.

Website promotion

Here are the 5 main internet traffic channels for hotels:

1. Regional factors

The site of the hotel is somehow tied to any locality. Whether it’s a large city, a seaside resort or a village in the mountains. Therefore, effective promotion requires:

  • use geo-independent queries in promotion;
  • add the site to the directories of the search engines Yandex and Google;
  • enter contact details into various databases of local sites.

2. SEO promotion

This promotion method will help you rise to the TOP of the search results, increase the visibility of the site, but due to the high competition in the industry, you should definitely use additional methods of promotion.

3. Contextual advertising

Correctly configured advertising in Yandex.Direct or Google Adwords is guaranteed to bring new visitors to the hotel. In this case, ads are shown only to those users who are looking for a hotel, and advertising is paid only for a specific transition to the site.

4. Travel aggregators

These are services that collect in one place the offers of different hotels and make it easy to compare all prices, read reviews and choose, and then immediately book the most profitable option.

5. Social networks

Promotion of the hotel on Instagram, Facebook and VKontakte will make the hotel recognizable and bring new visitors.

Create interesting content with travel tips, exclusive offers, contests, and reposts that will spread information about you online.

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