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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Quntis Solar Lights

Solar lights can provide illumination and security to sensitive areas whenever the grid goes out at night. Alternatively, companies can also adopt solar lights to demonstrate their support for the green initiative. For example, Quntis solar fence lights and Quntis spot lights are two products currently making great waves in the market.

Quntis solar fence lights are beautifully designed fence lights usually installed on the fence. They have a honeycomb design and can radiate a space with an equal amount of light. Quntis spot light can be mounted on the ground and walls, using its optical lens design to broadcast divergent light into a specific space.

Are you a fan of solar lights but confused about which one to go for? Here are solid reasons your Quntis solar lights sound like a good buy.

1 Optical Lens Design

This is one factor that puts Quntis spot lights ahead of its competitors. The optical lens design gives the solar light a unique and radiant outlook. The honeycomb shape makes it look like you add a great decorative piece to that space. It will undoubtedly catch the attention of admirers who come by when brightly lit. The unique optical lens design also ensures super brightness.

solar spot light
The optical lens design gives the solar light a unique and radiant outlook.

2 Waterproof

You can install and use Quntis solar fence lights anywhere. That is one advantage they have over most other solar lights. They are designed to withstand mild and severe climatic conditions since you are most likely going to install them outside.

Being a lighting source that adds some aesthetics to its surroundings, its waterproof attribute will be of tremendous value to you. Quntis solar light can remain bright and not afraid of rain even if in bad weather such as heavy rain and snow. That means the light will stay solid and appealing for a long time. Quntis solar light is a candid definition of giving real value for your money.

3 A Simple Installation Is All You Need

Given the popularity of Quntis solar spot lights, it is easy for you to assume that only professionals can install them. If that is what you have been thinking, then sorry to burst your bubbles because the lights are designed for easy installation.

Anyone who knows how to read and write will be able to install these lights. The lights are always packaged alongside an instruction manual that can guide you in the course of the installation. You can finish the installation in 2 minutes, and there is no need to do extra wiring. You don’t need to do any operation, and they can be safely used once they are installed.

Buying and installing the Quntis solar lights all by yourself will help you save some money, no matter how small. Even if you bring in someone to do the installation for you because you don’t have the time or don’t want to risk damaging anything, you can get someone to do it for you at a pretty low cost.

4 A Green Alternative

Solar lights can function without power from the grid because they are not like traditional lights. Even if the grid is down, your solar lights can still work because they get their power from sunlight. That’s precisely how Quntis solar fence lights are meant to be. It employs renewable energy technology to refill its power banks during the daytime. No extra wiring design can save electricity and achieve free electricity lighting.

Why not take advantage of Quntis elegant solar lights to create the right amount of ambiance around your home. You can count on these lights in dire moments of blackouts or brownouts.

5 Requires Zero Maintenance

This is one of the most hard-to-believe facts about Quntis solar lights. But, as incredible as this may sound, it is true. Quntis solar lights, like most other solar products, do not require any special kind of maintenance for them to keep functioning.

That is large because they are designed with LED bulb fixtures. When you look at all the fixtures in the market today, LED is believed to have the longest lifespan. Also, Quntis solar lights don’t employ photovoltaic cells as part of their setup; that is why no serious maintenance is needed.

6 Quit Paying Energy Bills

The world is gradually witnessing a transition from traditional lights to solar lights. The idea behind adopting clean energy is not only to reduce carbon footprints but also to cut back on energy bills. Quntis solar lights give you the perfect opportunity to stop paying energy bills. The light works solely on renewables like solar power setup. As such, it does not rely on the grid for power generation.

That means you only have to purchase Quntis solar fence lights once, install them, and that would be all. No need to pay any monthly energy bills for using them as you go.

7 Add Beauty To The Surroundings

Quntis spot lights are more than just lights. They can enable a space to glow with great beauty. Mount the spot lights correctly on your walls or the grounds, and you would be marveled at the sparkling outcome. This is a great way to transform your home into a small, nighttime paradise. I may not be able to describe the feeling until you install the light yourself accurately. Just try it, and you will be glad you did.

8 Save Electrical Energy

Quntis solar lights have been intentionally designed with no extra wirings to save electricity. That means it is already packaged alongside the wires you will need. All you need to do is connect the contained wires to where they should be, and that will be all.

9 Shorter Charging Times

Quntis solar fence lights are much preferred due to their short charging times. It doesn’t take them ages to charge 100%. With just 4 to 6 hours, they can charge to full capacity, and they can be ready for use at night.

10 Great Deal

When people opt for solar products, the first thing they consider is the upfront payment. Sometimes, that amount can be huge. That is why Quntis has decided to generously knock 10% off when you buy the Quntis solar fence lights. You have to use the discount code: 10% OFF   CMPOXMOK. This one expires on 2023-05-13. 

Alternatively, you can stick with the Quntis spot lights and purchase them much cheaper by using the discount code: 10% OFF   9DGNSF9T. This one expires by 2026-12-31 and can be used together with the 5% coupon on the product page so that you can save 15% in total.


The benefits of using Quntis solar lights are way more than you can imagine. Next time you seek a light option that can brighten up your garden or fence, think Quntis solar lights as they have a way of transforming the environment and area where they are being used.

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