5 Must-Haves If Your Kids Are Going Back to School

For students whose schools are opening up again, there are many ways they have to prepare in new and unique ways for the school year ahead. Getting school supplies is still necessary to ensure the student has what they need for crafts, activities, and to protect their health while spending time with other students in the classroom. If you’re wondering what your kids need as they go back to school, there are a few items you should purchase to help them prepare for school.

1 Hand Sanitizer

Every student should have a bottle of hand sanitizer in the backpack to keep germs and bacteria away as they work and play throughout the day. The hand sanitizer should be small enough to take on the go and stored in a convenient place in their backpack where they can access it at any time, whether they’re sitting at their desk or are spending time on the bus. It’s also important to find a hand sanitizer for sale that doesn’t have too strong of a scent to prevent it from disturbing other kids nearby.

2 Masks/Face Covering

Although the requirements for wearing a mask differ at each school, most students still need to have a face covering that fits properly and is breathable. It’s important to have a few face coverings available to ensure they have several available if they happen to lose one of them while they’re away from home. Some children may be hesitant to wear a mask, but choosing ones in fun colors and styles can make them feel more comfortable wearing them.

For smaller children, consider purchasing a lanyard to wear around their neck to make it easier for the mask to access at any time and to prevent them from losing it. The lanyard can be placed under their shirt when it’s not in use as it hangs around their neck.

3 School Supplies and Utensils

Students still need certain supplies to keep their schoolwork organized as they learn in the classroom. Consider picking up items like binders, folders, child-safe scissors, crayons, pencils, and erasers. You should also ask their teacher what they need to purchase because the list can depend upon the curriculum for each grade or classroom.

4 Healthy Snacks

Choosing healthy snacks for your son or daughter to eat throughout the day or at recess is necessary to keep them energized and hold them over until they get home from school. Opt for products with clean ingredients like salted popcorn, dehydrated fruit, carrots, natural protein bars, gluten-free crackers, and applesauce.

5 Lunch Box

Your son or daughter will need a sturdy and durable lunch box that can hold up to daily use. Look for a lunch box that has a handle to make it easy to carry, as well as a few containers instead of keeping the food organized. Another option that is great is a custom cooler. According to the experts at Bagmasters, “Customized coolers are great handouts for students involved in college sports; students can easily pack lunches and refreshments to keep them fueled through a long day of practice or games.”

As your son or daughter prepares to go back to school, they can be ready to learn and have everything they need with the right products in hand. Having your kid communicating with the professor and creating a list will help ensure that he or she has the right materials needed to get back to school safely.

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