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10 Items Every Real Estate Agent Should Have on the Job

Real estate agents are always on the go networking, meeting up with potential clients, and showing potential buyers property listings. A majority of real estate agents work a lot of hours and out of their car most of the time. This list comprises items that every real estate agent has found helpful to have on hand for their line of work. The last thing any agent wants is a potential client who gets away simply for the agent not being prepared at all times. This list will help you be prepared in those moments.

1 Kool8

The Kool 8 stainless steel water bottle is an item that any real estate agent will love. This water bottle makes the best must-have item for any real estate agent because:

  • It keeps drinks hot or cold for long hours
  • The product includes a tea infuser, easily make tea on the go
  • Durable & environmentally friendly option for drinking water
  • Every purchase helps in the effort of providing clean water to people in need globally
  • Sleek design that comes in a variety of different colors

2 Custom apparel with company logo

Marketing your brand is important. Your main goal, as a real estate agent, is to get the word out and let as many people as possible know that you are ready to get them into the home of their dreams. Why not make marketing easier with custom apparel from Screen Print This? These custom shirts are of high quality and can be customized easily with any logo or image desired.

Other benefits:

  • Free shipping anywhere in the US
  • 20% off your first order
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Personalized accessories available as well

3 Kuppet Power Bank Dual USB Port External Portable Charger

One major must-have item for all real estate agents is having their smartphone on them at all times. A real estate agent never knows when a client will try to connect with them and making sure they are ready for that call is really important. A portable phone charger can be very convenient when needing to charge a smartphone at the most inconvenient times. This product is highly rated and priced at $36.95

4 Lifesavers candy mints

Since real estate agents are always on the go and meeting up with clients at a moments notice, it is important to be ready. It is a good idea as a real estate agent to carry a bag around with essentials such as:

  • breath mints
  • travel toothbrush
  • deodorant
  • dry shampoo
  • makeup
  • oil absorbing pads
  • hand sanitizer
  • hairbrush

As well as anything else you can think of that will help keep you fresh for clients wanting to meet up for dinner after a long day in the office.

5 Tide To Go Instant Remover Liquid Pen

This product is essential for feeling like a prepared real estate agent at all times because first impressions are everything. Appearance is extremely important in the real estate business because no one is going to want to buy a property from someone who doesn’t care about their appearance. Also, real estate agents tend to work and eat out of their cars a lot, so it is common for them to get dirty from time to time. Be ready to overcome that hurdle.

6 Comfortable shoes

Real estate agents are always dressed up and those dress shoes can be pretty uncomfortable to wear all day. Real estate agents find themselves on their feet a lot showing properties, but there is downtime. This downtime is the perfect time to slip on some comfortable shoes. Keeping their dress shoes ready for wearing in front of their clients. It is also super convenient to carry your running shoes with you in case you feel like stopping by the gym after work.

7 Personal business cards

Again, as a real estate agent an opportunity can present itself when you least expect it, and the next thing you know, someone is asking for your business card to get in contact with you. Be prepared. Always carry those business cards around with you in your bag or wallet. This way you are always ready for making a connection with a client. Get some business cards here at a great price.

8 Paper & Pen

Any resourceful real estate agent has a notepad and pens ready for writing down client information quickly or signing contracts and forms. Technology doesn’t always allow us to do this conveniently, so paper and pen are a big must-have for real estate agents. It makes it so much easier to write things down quickly while on your phone.

9 Measuring tape

As a real estate agent, have you ever had a client ask for exact measurements for a space in a home that they are interested in purchasing? Well even if this hasn’t happened to you yet, it is very common. Clients want to make sure the items they already own will fit in the space. If your client is asking for measurements, then it is a good sign that they are very interested, so accommodating them and answering these types of questions is extremely important to them. A simple measuring tape is small enough to easily carry around in your bag or car.

10 Doggy treats

Dogs are like family to many people. As a real estate agent, you work with many different people including dog lovers. When they are looking at potential properties, some of us like to make sure our pets also love the space and vibe of a new place. Keeping doggy treats on hand can be a major game changer. Your clients are going to love that you thought of their favorite pet/family member. Here is a good brand of doggy treats that are sure to please both clients and their dogs. This is going to make a great, lasting impression and they will be talking about it with all their friends who may be looking for a great real estate agent too.

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