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Top 10 Most Violent Countries in the World

GPI is the indexing which records the global peace rankings of the countries. This survey is operated by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

 GPI or Global Peace Indicator 

All the 162 nations of the world are taken into consideration of the survey, and according to the experts, it covers almost 99.7% of the world’s total population. This kind of indexing helps people to understand the risk factors prevailing in different countries in the world. There are 23 indicators which are counted in the processes of scaling the nations between 1 to 5 ranking, based on their civil and administrative conditions which leads to the overall peaceful state of the society.

According to the latest issue of the report revealed last year, which is also the 11th edition of the GPI, the world can be considered a comparatively peaceful place to live with an improved scoring from the last year’s record. The global peace conditions prevailing in different countries are different; however, in order to essentially rank them on the basis of a common account, there are three determining conditions selected on the basis of which the rankings are done:

  • The state of safety and security of civilians as well as foreigners in the society.
  • The particular level of domestic conflicts as well as international conflicts.
  • The extent of militarization prevailing over society and administration.

1 Syria

The crisis of civil war in Syria started back in 2011 when the early spring of the year witnessed a nationwide common protest, a rebellion against the authoritarian government of President Bashar Al Assad. In return, the government took stern and violent steps with sudden bombardments on civilians including residential areas, used barrels bombs, chemical weapons and indiscriminately attacked every area, even medical camps. The government extended the violent civil war even beyond this by trapping civilians, restricting food supply, medical aid, etc. The UN had estimated an overall death of almost 250,000 people, along with dislocation of 7.6 million people, and more than 4 million becoming refugees.

2 Afghanistan 

The war that started back in 2001 in Afghanistan is known to the entire world which even called for the intervention of international forces like NATO and allied armies. The civil war in this country is still on, and it all began after the September 11 attacks. The international forces included US armies intervened into the situation in order to remove the marks of al Qaida and the Taliban. Thousands of people have been reported to be dead on account of Afghanistan civil war. Also, Afghanistan is known to be one of the highest death rate countries.

3 South Sudan

This country witnessed a massive outbreak of civil violence in July 2016. The internal conflicts initiated between the Sudanese nomadic tribes after the country gained independence in 2011, and later spread amongst the supporters and non-supporters. Therefore, the country had to suffer a wide number of casualties, deaths, extreme violent social conditions.

4 Iraq

Constant nine years of a continuous state of war inside the country almost shattered the normal civil conditions. Though according to records, the Iraq War which devastated the country ended in December 2011, the traces and after effects of wars can still be felt strongly. The already disturbed civil conditions are still undergoing tough times with the Islamic State continuous efforts to expand through different parts of the country.

5 Somalia

Somalia came under an outrageous civil protest against the authoritarian regime of Siad Barre during the 1980’s. However, the civil protest and fight for breaking the regime grew larger with the addition of clan-based armed groups, rebellious groups, and different communities, joined in the protests. However, in a course of time, it rather became a civil rebellion and a competitive race for power. The Somalia Civil War was an absolute result of this disturbed socio-economical scenario that was aggravated by political intentions, which broke out in 1991 and continues to date.

6 Sudan

Sudan has always been a center of outrageous rebellions, civil disturbances; the lands of Sudan are marked with two civil wars. The normal social and civil life have always been hampered by a continuous state of disturbed political and civil scenario. Moreover, the deficiency of proper and sufficient human rights particularly soars high with the prominence of slavery, poverty, and other issues like ethnic cleansing. The judicial laws of the nation are primarily based on the stringent Islamic laws; therefore, no changes are accepted, making way for more protests.

7 The Central African Republic

This nation had to go through a lot of political and civil turbulence. Even after its freedom from France, it had to experience the autocratic rule of a series of parties. Though since 1993, the nation came under democratic political government frame, yet the civil condition could hardly improve. Since 2004 the Central African Republic Bush war began inside the country. Even after peace treaties, the situations were not normal, owing to the continued clashes between different factions.

8 The Democratic Republic of Congo

One of the major reasons behind the unexpected fall back of this nation from the path of development is owing to political instability, continued civil disturbances and extreme level of corruption and exploitation suffered by the civilians. Upon that the Congolese Civil War, which took into its influence several African nations, 20 armed groups and distinct UN peacekeepers, worsened the situation even more.

9 Pakistan

Since its independence, Pakistan has been governed several times by military power, authoritarian rulers, and there has always been a sense of political instability in the country. Besides, civil conflicts, state of war with neighboring countries, overpopulation, terrorism, illiteracy, and poverty are the major issues which have always led to civil violence within the nation.

10 North Korea

This is one of the nations which have always been on the top of the list when it comes to worse civil and human rights. Starting from all aspects of life to even population comes directly under the state control.

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