Top 10 Most Recorded Countries With Highest Diamonds Production

Diamonds are so precious; they are caught and sometimes traded in illegal ways, due to its high value. They are mainly present in Africa, and the Latin America. Investigating diamonds productions, we offer you a list of the top ten producers of diamonds in the world.

10 Brazil:

Brazil is a South American country that is not only famous for its many multicolored festivals, coffee and energetic beaches. One of Brazil’s natural reserve exports is tin ore. In fact, Brazil is perhaps the least producer among other diamond producers, yet it produces 0.5% of the international productions of diamonds, it reveals its worth in the international mining business. Indeed, it is one of the countries in which the most diamonds exist.

9 Namibia:

Namibia has a broadly famous geographical mark called the Kalahari Desert. Its biggest economic part embraces mining, industry and agriculture. It is famous commonly that abundance of diamonds can be present. Namibia mainly depends on its diamond production. It offers about 1.3% of the international diamond supply that reaches around $0.41 billion.

8 Angola:

This African country is famous for its enormous flora and fauna as well as natural resources. Angola’s economy bear very much throughout the Angolan Civil War yet it started to pull through in 2002. Angola is rich in subsoil inheritance as its diamond resources are present. Angola attains most of its incomes from diamond and oil production which contributes with 60% of Angola’s revenues.

7 South Africa:

South Africa is deemed to be one of the most-visited countries in the globe due its many gorgeous and incredible places. Indeed, diamonds are plenteous in South Africa. The world’s major type of diamond was found in South Africa. Actually, its revenue mainly depends on the manufacture of diamonds.

6 Australia:

It is one the richest countries in the globe due to its export industry that includes agricultural products, particularly wool, wheat and minerals. It is globally known as one of the countries loaded in natural resources such as coal, gold and diamond. Australia offers 13% of diamonds in the global market.

5 Botswana:

The country’s greatest diamond mining company is half-owned by the government. This mining industry offers about 40% of the Botswana’s income and about 20% of the international diamond supply.

4 Russia:

Russia is exceedingly loaded in natural resources due to its geographical place and its oil industry is one of the largest in the world. Its economy developed because of its diamond mining manufacturing, aside from the Russia’s oil industry. Russia offers about 22% of the global diamond production.

3 Congo:

The people of country are deemed to be one of the poorest peoples in the world. Yet, the Congo is extremely loaded in natural resources and diamonds are one thereof. Indeed, The Congo is somehow small, but it has many diamond reserves. In addition, it provides the world with 19% of diamond production. It depends mainly on mining.

2 Canada:

Canada is one of the countries producing diamonds, despite its location in North America. Its economy is mixed and it is one of the global leading trading countries. Canada offers $1.47 billion for diamonds in the world and its income and economy depends on the diamond production. It is apparent that diamonds hardly ever exist in temperate places. Yet, Canada falsifies this theory.

1 Ghana:

This country is placed in Africa. Its economy is sustained by its rich and miscellaneous industrial minerals, oils and natural gas. Ghana is also deemed to be one of the world’s greatest exporters of cocoa. Ghana is in fact placed among the chief producers of diamonds at a global scale. If truth be told, its exportation of diamond together with gold, is one of the Ghana’s main causes of revenues.



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