Top 10 Best Boy Names With Their Meaning

Many people know well the great value and effect that the name of a certain person has on him. It can shape his personality throughout his life. Many parents finds it difficult for them to choose a name for their beloved boy. They exert a hard work and spend much time trying to find a suitable name for their boys. Of course, ethnicity, culture and heritage play an important role in determining a name for our child. We usually find parents who try to choose a special name for their baby. They want him to be distinct from other boys because they want him to be the best one among other people. All parents can give their baby a gift from the first day they bring him by choosing a good name for him. For them to be able to do so they should get a lot of experience. Here are the top 10 boy names that would help you do so.

10 Daniel

It is one of the most attractive names. It has its origin in Hebrew. This name means “God is my judge”. This name suggests a religious tendency. This name is preferred by those pious people. It is a name for those who seek perfection.

9 Aiden

It is a name of many origins. It is American and Gaelic. It means “little fire”. It is a name for social people who love cooperation and dealing with other people. It is a name for those people who adore humanity and want goodness for human beings.

8 Alexander

It is a name of a Greek and Latin origin. It means “Defender of Men” or “warrior”. It is a name chosen by parents who want their child to be one of the strong people. It is aname that also refer to optimism and happiness.


7 Ethan

It is a name of Hebrew origin. It means “long-lived” or firm. It is one of the names of those people who appreciate seriousness and hard working. It is a name for those people who want to be centenarian. It is preferred by people who want to live a ling time.

6 Michael

It is a name of a Hebrew origin. It means “who is like God?”. The answer of this question is of course, “there is no one who looks like God. It is a name for those people who admit the fact that man is weak and always needs help from God.

5 Noah

It is a name of English and Hebrew origin. It means “rest, comfort and peace maker”. It is a name of psychological significance. It refers also to the value of patience and balance on humankind. He is one of the prophets mentioned in Qur’an.

4 Jayden

It is an American name. One important thing about this name is that it does not have meaning, which means that it is a name that refers to freedom. It is a name for those people who love adventure and want to destroy any obstacles that stand in their way.

3 Mason

It is one of the names of a French origin. It means “stone worker”. This a name for people who appreciate hard working and development. Of course this would lead to wealth. Work brings money and makes people rich. It would also refer to toughness and power.

2 Benjamin

It is a name that has its origin in English. It means “son of my right hand”. It is a name that refer to loyality and goodness. In Islam, Benjamin was a righteous child who stood beside his father and helped him while the other sons made conspiracy against him.

1 Liam

It is a name of an Irish origin. Its meaning is “a strong-willed warrior”. It is a name that refers to resilience and will. In Persian, this means “protector and supporter”. Therefore, it is a name that refers to cooperation.


These are the most famous boy names that would make your baby a special one and help him appreciate the importance of some values like courage, patience and freedom.

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