Top 10 Best Girl Names With Their Meaning

All parents try hard to choose one of the best names for children. They know well how important it is for their children to have a special name. The name is considered as an identity that determine the person. It can tell us many things about the culture and traditions of a certain community. The name of any person may affect the character and social position. For example, if there is a person whose name is Jamila which is of Arabic origin and means beautiful in English, this would give us some clues about the social background of this family. This would suggest that this person lives in a family that appreciate the value of beauty and that this family wants everything beautiful whether this thing is physical or intellectual. So parents exert their utmost to choose a suitable name that would be a mirror which reflect the environment in which this person live. People always choose a name of a famous person like an actor, a director, a scientist or even a prophet. They realize that every one of those people is a role model in his or her field. They want their children to follow suit. Here are 10 of the most famous girl names that are known among people.

10 Cadence

It is one of the musical names that are famous nowadays. This name means beat or rhythm. Many parents dreams about their children and their future. This is a suitable name for parents who want their girl to become a famous singer. It has different variations.

9 Eliana

It is a name that had popularity for many years. It is known many different cultures. It managed to do so because of its meaning. It means God has answered. The number of parents who choose this name is increasing. It is a name that is derived from Hebrew.

8 Evie

This name was chosen by girls who wanted to differentiate themselves from other girls whose name is EVE. Therefore, this name is often chosen by parents who want their girls to be special ones. It refers to Natalie Portman and her role in the film as a strong woman who can defend her rights.

7 Kayla

It has an Irish or Gaelic origin. It means slim or fair. It is a diminutive name for Michaela. It was chosen because of the admiration of the famous character Kayla in The Days of Our Lives drama series. Some people say that this name is of a Hebrew origin but what matters now is the fact that this name is one the most famous names.

6 Kendall

It is the name of a place. The meaning is Kent River valley. This name can also be used for boys. It has also different variations for parents to choose. You can name your girl Kendal or Kendahl. Therefore, it is considered one of the best names thanks to the diversity that it enjoys.


It is a Hebrew name which means the happiness of my father. Abigail is considered one of many wives of King David. This name refer to two of the most attractive traits in any woman, wisdom and beauty. Therefore, it is a normal thing to find many parents who choose this name.


It is one the most famous names known in the Arab world. It means night and the beauty associated to it. It is preferable to girls who love spending a good time at time with their family or their friends. This name had many variations and choices that suit every person.


It is a name that has different meanings. Some say that this name means a little girl which may suggest this name is of a Spanish origin. Others say that this name means grace. Despite all of this confusion, it is one of the best names, which may also refer to the God of fire.


It is a fashionable name despite its ancient origin in Latin. This name was famous name among Puritans in Britain. It was famous in the 19th century but parents now realize the importance and value of this lovely name. This name has also a different name that refers to a respectable person.


It is one of the girl names known in Greece. It means the person who stood beside a woman and helped her while giving birth. This name refers to cooperation, which is an important human value. This may also refer to the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed”

Therefore, these are ten of the best names that have a pivotal role in shaping the personality of your children and their social position in this vast world.

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