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Pier 1 Imports: Promo Code Guide

Shoppers, looking for a taste of the exotic, love Pier 1. From pretty seasonals for the home and garden to classy furniture with an overseas feel, Pier 1 has been bringing imports from faraway lands to the American consumer since 1952.

Today, Pier 1 has more than 1,000 brick and mortar stores spread throughout the U.S. along with an expansive e-commerce website. Pier 1 is publicly traded (NYSE: PIR). Like a lot of brick and mortar retailers, Pier 1 has had a bumpy ride of gains posted and earnings lost, yet the 50-year old has managed to retain the spark that made it unique — bold and beautiful styles with exotic flavors for the home-centric shopper.

By the end of 2017, Pier 1 Imports managed to post small gains of 2.5%. However, there was a caveat; the retailer also closed 3% of their storefronts last year. Yet, the retailer is staying afloat by focusing on e-commerce sales, which increased over the same time in 2016 by 28%. Pier 1 operating income increased by 33% from the prior year to $45 million. That’s good news for the furniture and home store that has ample competition from big box retailers like Target to specialty importers like World Market. Shareholders are pleased; Pier 1 sent around $35 million in cash dividends back to investors.

So after a few years of struggle, Pier 1 seems to be coming back with a vengeance. It’s a lovely store with even prettier items to beautify the home. Shoppers will find decor for every room in the house along with clothing and bold foods from beyond the U.S.

But Pier 1 isn’t the least expensive. Their goods are high-quality imports which have a higher price tag than some of the competitors. That means shoppers should look for promo codes before hitting the e-commerce site or printable coupons to take in-store. Let’s look more closely at the best places to find Pier 1 discounts before shopping there.

 Shopping at Pier 1 – Start with 

The very top of the Pier 1 e-commerce site gives consumers a heads up on a couple of good deals to take advantage of. Right out of the gate the viewer will see a promo code for free shipping plus a couple of sales to take advantage of. Since Pier 1 items can be pricey, we appreciate how easy they’ve made it for spotting the deals right up front.

The Pier 1 e-commerce site is also currently offering 10% off any purchase just by allowing them to email more deals. Sounds like a good idea, right?

But before taking advantage of that offer, visitors should sign up for the Pier 1 Rewards program. Members have immediate access to six big discounts just by signing up:

  • A welcome offer
  • A birthday bonus
  • In-store events and sales
  • A more liberal returns policy
  • Monthly rewards and perks

After signing up for the rewards program, shoppers may want to snag the Pier 1 Rewards Cobalt reward card. Signing up for the credit card rewards users with another 15% off any purchase (excludes clearance items). Not bad at all.

Also, here’s a tip: Follow Pier 1 on Twitter for special deals such as the periodic “refer a friend” for $20 off a $50 order.

Also, they alert Twitter followers to special deals, like the Friends & Family discount they just ran in January. All shoppers in the door took another 15% off — even on Clearance.

Because Pier 1 is multi-channel, the consumer can find deals on Pier 1 products at websites such as Better Homes & Gardens. It’s a good site to pick up overstocks left over from the prior season, like these fall wreaths at a big discount price.

The site even has a sweepstake that automatically enters rewards members in a lottery drawing for prizes. Pier 1 has done an excellent job of maximizing the deals on their site.

But what are the other kinds of deals and promo codes out there for users to explore?


One of the best and most user-friendly of all the promo code sites out there is Dealspotr.

For the consumer that hasn’t visited Dealspotr, they’re missing out on something great. For the coupon-hungry shopper, a site that advertises “4x more WORKING codes than any other coupon site” is undoubtedly a brag that will get their attention. That’s because the Internet has, literally, hundreds of website promo codes that don’t work. Usually, the consumer doesn’t even realize the promo code is bogus until the cart is full and they’re trying to check out. If the promo code is bad, the choices are: Walk away, wasting all the time spent filling up the cart; or pay full price. For many people, these are both terrible options.

That’s what makes Dealspotr such a good site. Consumers are the ones that place promo codes on the website, acting as influencers for all kinds of brands. The shoppers themselves end up validating the promo codes for accuracy and then sharing the information with other consumers. It’s a community of deal hunters that we feel everyone should be a part of. There’s so much interactivity on the site; it naturally makes it the go-to location for all kinds of brand discounts.

For Pier 1 deals start by conducting a search. First, go to the search bar at the very top of the homepage and type in “Pier 1.”

That search takes the visitor to a whole page devoted exclusively to Pier 1 promo codes. Whether it’s Pier 1 merchandise on Amazon or in-store or e-commerce deals, one page has a plethora of bargains tied to the beautiful items found at Pier 1 Imports.

 Dealspotr vs. Knoji 

Now let’s compare Dealspotr to a site like Knoji. Knoji is a site devoted not only to sharing discounts but also asking questions about brands, policies, or anything retail-centric. It has shopper forums, store reviews, and promo codes.

Similar to Dealspotr, Knoji has a Pier 1 Imports page with all kinds of interesting information and discounts. While it doesn’t have as many validated deals as Dealspotr, the “Ask a question” feature is truly unique. Clicking on the “Reviews” link takes the user to helpful information about shopping at Pier 1 stores or online.

For example, free shipping does help keep Pier 1 more competitive, so this is good information to have.

 Do a Deal at Pier 1 Imports  

 We’ve shared three ways to pick up great deals on Pier 1 items. The Internet has much more out to help savvy consumers stretch their decorating dollar. Just in time for spring — using these deals will help to beautify any home with a splash of classy Pier 1 products.

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