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Overcoming the Challenges of High-Heat Sealing

Seals and o-rings are used in different applications, and these small components play a big role in our daily lives. Whether it is medicine, technology, machinery, or automative, seals can stop leaks and withstand a significant amount of pressure. Seals and O-rings are readily available, and while they are versatile, not all seals and o-rings are the same.

For companies in industries that require high-heat sealing, there are additional challenges. For example, steam or gas turbines and industrial exhaust systems have to withstand extreme temperatures. Inferior seals that aren’t fit for purpose can split, resulting in damage and reduced performance. It is possible to overcome the challenges of high-heat sealing when the right seals are installed.

1 The Challenges of Extreme Temperatures

When selecting the best o-ring for the job, it is important to understand the conditions it will be facing. Temperatures can range from very low to extremely high, and not all materials can accommodate both. Extreme temperatures aren’t the only consideration, as the level of exposure also makes a difference. For example, you need to know whether the seals will be exposed to short or long periods of high temperatures. Will the machinery encounter specific chemicals that could hinder the integrity of the components?

2 Materials Are Not All Created Equal

High-heat sealing does come with challenges, but the good news is there are solutions available. O-rings can be customized for a perfect fit, and come in a range of materials and hardness. If you are looking for a durable solution that has a temperature range of -300° to +450°F, Teflon could be the right choice. It is mainly used for static situations and is inactive to chemicals.

Flourosylicone is commonly used in static aerospace applications. In its standard compound form, it can withstand temperatures between -75° and +400°F. It is resistant to fuel and stable in high temperatures but does have limitations including low strength. Silicone is more flexible than fluorosylicone and has a temperature range between -85° and +400°F. Silicone isn’t recommended for dynamic seals, but it has a high level of tear resistance.

When compared to other materials, high-heat resistant seals do stand out. While alternatives such as mica and graphite have their positives, when it comes to extreme temperatures they won’t go the distance. With the chance of oxidation and leakage, it isn’t worth the risk.

3 Finding a Reliable Supply Chain

For those who need seals and o-rings for high-heat use, quality should be a top priority. A reliable supply chain is essential to the growth and productivity of your business, as these components will require replacement over time. Purchasing seals from overseas comes with risks, as they might not meet strict safety standards.

The challenge of high temperatures is that seals do face increased pressure, and any flaws will quickly be revealed. When you purchase from an untrusted seller, there is a chance you won’t get what you pay for. When it comes to seals, it is worth investing more in the short term to protect your tools and machinery. Plus, when you buy from overseas, there could be unexpected delays in processing and shipping.

Seals and O-Rings for Any Purpose

When it comes to seals and o-rings, reputable companies will be able to provide you with a tailor-made solution. Whether it is high temperatures, chemical resistance, or the ability to stand up to friction, there is a solution to meet your needs.

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