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Top 10 Websites for Buying Used Stuff

When you are looking for a bargain on an item, choosing to buy it used is the best way to go. Most online retailers focus on selling brand new items. Here is a list of online websites where you can find listings for used items:

1 eBay

eBay is a great alternative to Amazon, particularly for purchasing used goods. You can get access to listings posted by third-party sellers located worldwide. The auction site allows you to bid on some listings. However, you can purchase most listings right away without getting entangled in a bidding war.

2 Facebook

Everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) place to sell old junk is the Facebook Marketplace. The chances are high that you might find a great deal here for most things you want. The sales are mostly for personal items, but you can find cars, furniture, and even collectibles here. You can even sell stuff you don’t want for practically free. Given that Facebook is the world’s largest social network, you can find used stuff from around the world.

3 Kijiji

This Canadian website is one of the best for buying pre-owned vehicles. You can endlessly scroll through Sedans classifieds to find what you need. The brand Kijiji city cars are quite well-known in Canada. Many advantages come with the dealerships. The sheer volume of ads means that you can always hunt for the best and cheapest prices. You can find just about any passenger vehicle you want thanks to the diversity of ads. Once you have found the vehicle you need, simply contact the owner to finalize the transaction. You don’t have to pay the classifieds site anything.

4 Poshmark

Poshmark lists used goods. But unlike most classifieds websites, you can pay for your goods directly through the website. You pay Poshmark and not the seller. Poshmark then verifies the sale with the seller. If the seller doesn’t respond, you get a full refund. In this sense, it’s highly safe to use.

5 Gadget Salvation

Looking for used electronics online? Gadget Salvation is hands down one of the best places to find them. All the items on the site are used. If you are hunting for an expensive computer upgrade for a fraction of the original price, then this is the website you should be browsing.

6 LetGo

LetGo is a used items marketplace that’s similar to Facebook. But there’s a major difference—LetGo is mobile-based. It’s an excellent buy-and-sell app for browsing for used goods on the way from work.

7 is a Craigslist-style website for buy and sell ads of all kinds. The site is one of the oldest personal transaction portals still in use. You can search for items based on your zip code. Buyers can use the website largely for free.

8 Geebo

Geebo is a highly modern buy-and-sell site where you can mostly find used goods. It’s like the newspaper classifieds of old gone online in the millennial era. Geebo stands out because the site only posts “safe” ads meant to protect buyers from scammers.

9 Mercari

Mercari is a highly community-minded buy-sell website. You can find a wide range of used products here. It may not be as extensive as mega-retailers like eBay, but their payments methods are significantly secure.


Could used items get any cheaper? is the best place to find discounts on used items. The site is great because the company checks the items before they are listed. You can be assured that the conditions of these items are listed as well.

Browse any of the above websites at your leisure for the used goods you’re hunting for. Remember to choose a site that caters to your geographical area.

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