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TOP 10 Best Solar Companies in the USA

There are lots of solar companies in the US. While some have been highly innovative, others haven’t come up with the best solar technologies in the market. Although your goal is to choose the first set of companies, it is always difficult since you have to do plenty of research. Well, not anymore, because Topteny magazine in this post will reveal the best solar companies in the United States.

1 Momentum Solar

This company has built a solid impression in manufacturing and installing solar systems for homes and offices. It is quite amazing to know that it has managed to grow and become one of the best solar companies in the US. Apart from its state-of-the-art innovations, Momentum solar has been known to offer cost-efficient energy solutions.

Its services are also 100% guaranteed. For instance, for each new solar system that has been installed, Momentum Solar will ensure you are not spending anything extra. It has one of the most effective installation processes in the US. This has been possible through its mobile tracking app for customers.

Momentum Solar
Its services are also 100% guaranteed. For instance, for each new solar system that has been installed, Momentum Solar will ensure you are not spending anything extra.

2 Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar has been able to earn lots of positive reviews from customers over the years. This is due to the unique benefits that its solar systems can offer once installed. Are you thinking about investing in this source of energy? Do you know that few of the best solar companies like this one can offer value for money?

For instance, there are guarantees on the performance of its solar systems. Apart from the availability of a 2 years productivity guarantee, there is also its 25-year manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, there is zero upfront cost for installing a solar system.

Blue Raven Solar
Blue Raven Solar has been able to earn lots of positive reviews from customers over the years.

3 Tesla

Tesla is a company that has been at the forefront of the support of green and renewable energy. Very few companies can match its capacity and innovation when it comes to producing Photovoltaic Cells. The solar panels from this company are known for their optimum performance. Apart from that, they have a sleek design; thus, they will fit into your roof perfectly during installation.

The grid in this company’s solar panels isn’t visible. This means that they will not call any unnecessary attention after they have been installed. There are also some additional services like battery backup and solar roof options. The latter becomes an option when you are planning to replace your current roof replaced with solar tiles. These tend to function like solar panels by converting sunlight into direct current.

4 Sunpro Solar

Indeed, Sunpro Solar hasn’t been able to extend its operations to the Northeast of the United States. However, there is no doubt that it has proven to be a force in the southern part over the years. This has earned it among the best solar companies on this list. For instance, it is the leading company in solar energy solutions in places like California, Texas, and Arizona.

It has been producing solar for commercial and residential buildings in more than 20 states within the US. Apart from the BBB rating, this company has other certifications as proof of its expertise and reliability. These could be Unirac, Enphase, and NABCEP.

Sunpro Solar
This company has other certifications as proof of its expertise and reliability.

5 Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar is another company worth mentioning amongst the best in the US. Apart from solar installations, it renders other services like bespoke designs, consultations, and more. Since coming into existence in 2011, it has remained fully committed to the cause of providing homes with clean and renewable energy. Within less than 10 years, it carried out solar installations in over 500,000 homes. This is quite a massive achievement within such a short time. Apart from a panel warranty, you can also explore financing options.

6 SunPower

This company has existed since 1985. Its mission has always been to provide customers with the most unique products when it comes to clean and renewable energy. It isn’t just about the installation of solar panels. Also, it can also manufacture some of the most reliable solar panels you can think of. Many of its customers have rated its services and products to be of high quality. It is true that right now, there are many cradle-to-cradle suppliers worldwide. However, note that SunPower is the first amongst all of them to attain such heights.

It has one of the best solar panels you can come across in the market. Apart from that, solar panels have been manufactured in line with industry standards.

7 Merlin Solar

Merlin Solar is another US company that needs to be mentioned here. Its high-performance panels have always been known to be amongst the best. It doesn’t really matter your needs as its innovative solar panels have got you covered. For instance, its foldable solar panels have been widely applauded by end-users. These can be easily moved around to places where there is a very high amount of sunlight.

Some of its most innovative products are the GX series, FX series, and BX series. Whether you are contacting this company for solar panels or any of its accessories, there is no doubting the fact that you will be 100% satisfied with its services.

8 Next Energy Alliance

Next Energy Alliance has been in the field of rendering services related to renewable energy for more than 10 years. It understands how to come up with the most innovative ideas that will lead to green energy, which members of the public can consider “safe.” This company gives you unrestricted access to solar panels of various models and wattages.

Its solar panels have earned 5-star ratings from customers over the years. According to most of these end-users, the panels come with state-of-the-art technology that makes life more comfortable. Do you want customized panels for your home or offices? The best part is that Next Energy is capable of making such available.

9 Zenernet

Zenernet has years of experience when it comes to the manufacturing and installation of solar panels that deliver. This company has been known for one major thing over the years. Such is the fact that, as compared to the best solar companies mentioned, its products are highly affordable. An integral part of its mission is to make solar energy available to all and sundry in the most cost-effective way.

If you are yet to take advantage of its offers, it is fair enough to conclude that you are spending more on electricity bills. With Zenernet, you can save more money, experience more comfort, and gain energy independence.

Solaranlage auf einem Hausdach unter dem strahlend blauen Himmel, mit der Reflektion der Sonne

10 Elevation Solar

Elevation Solar is another trusted company when it comes to addressing your solar energy needs via its innovative solutions. This company has lots of products that can enable homes to function on 100% solar. Its mission has always been to reduce the energy bills of homeowners without having to compromise their comfort. Rooftop solar is what it started with. However, it would later expand into other areas that relate to sustainable energy.

It gives you the best of comfort by ensuring you have access to clean energy. Its products are certified and approved by relevant government bodies in the US.

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