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Top10 Best Reasons to Be a Volunteer

In the 5th of December, the world celebrates the International Volunteer Day (IVD). The observance was initiated in 1985 by the United Nations and it is held annually by many NGOs nationally and internationally. This day is a thank you message to all volunteers around the world for involving people in decision making. But what makes anyone spend a considerable amount of their time doing something that yields no financial return? The following is the top ten reasons to why you would voluntarily volunteer:

10 To Feel Better

Living alone and having some free time? Feel you are unwanted or your life is boring? Volunteerism is the cure. You will feel that you are needed when you spend some time with people who really need help. With the appreciation you see in their eyes, or a word of thank you; your self-esteem will increase.

9 To Build Your CV

On one hand, if you cannot find a job opportunity, you still have the option of volunteering your skills or sharpening them for free. In the end, any future employer will look primarily on what you achieved not how much you gained. On the other hand, if you want to change a career and afraid of rejection, you can still volunteer to boost your resume in the field you have passion for.

8 To Build a Social Network

One of the social benefits you can get is honing your skills. While some people are open and know what to say and do in public, others lack tact and are unable to maintain social relationships. Volunteering allows you to practice being in public while growing a network of friends and acquaintances. So if you want to better know the diverse world around you and understand different mentalities, this is what you have to do: step out of social media and into social life.

7 To Showcase Your Skills

Interning in a big company in the field of your speciality is one way of getting known and hired. If you already have a job, you can make learning a life-long goal. You sharpen your skills then show the world how far you have gone by teaching them what you know.

6 To reach your full potentials

Being young would be a problem if you have a lot of time on your hands. You may do wrong to your dear self if you have not employed your energy and directed it to the good of yourself and others. This is one reason why there is a focus on extracurricular activities in schools. Volunteering, thus, offers you the vent for more vibrant and exhilarating activities.

5 Pay It Forward

Nothing is more rewarding for you and for any organization that ever supported you than a feeling of gratitude followed by action. Your self-esteem is going to increase when you give back and see gratitude in people’s eyes and change dawning their life.

4 To Live for a Cause

Successful people know their goals and have their visions present in front of their eyes all the time. You too can engross yourself in the thing you most care about, whether it be science, commerce, or anything else in the form of volunteerism.

3 To Get to know the world

Volunteering allows you to see and know the aspects of life you have not manage to see at school or during working hours. Join organizations that will enrich your mind experiences.

2 To learn

If you are aiming to learn a new skill just hit a start and put yourself where you can learn it. You may offer help for free and get the knowledge you need in return. Or you can teach yourself and start practicing what you have learned, for example, you can start teaching a subject you have just learned . You will be of great use to people who need help on one hand, and boost your abilities in teaching and in mastering this subject on the other hand.

1 To Make A Difference

Regardless of where you live, I am sure you have met with a bunch of people whose main job is to criticise the status quo. They find faults and complain creating no change. It is very easy to be this miserable kind of character, but I assure you that nobody is gonna remember you after you die. Being the source of hope to others is what makes all the difference. If ever anybody told you that you give them hope, you will know what I mean. It is a game changer!

Jack Thompson

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