Top10 Best iPhone Games You Will Enjoy

The very first game on a mobile phone ever was Tetris. It was available on Hagenuk MT-2000 devices, shown in the image below, in 1994. Snakes, produced by Nokia, followed it in 1997. While iPhones were first issued in 2007, the first iPhone game Lights Off was released in the same year. Because there was no Apple store at that time, people tended to jailbreak their iPhones, it is like you hack your phone in order to manipulate the software, to be able to get it. Nowadays various games are offered on feature phones, smartphones and many are made specifically for iPhones. The Following is 10 of the most famous games on this Apple device that people like to purchase from the store:


10 N.O.V.A.

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance or N.O.V.A. is an action adventure video game for iPhones. It is a first-person shooter game in which you would war with enemies who are called Xenos for twelve levels. You can activate the multiplayer mode as well through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even through playing with your friends online.


9 Beneath A Steel Sky – Remastered

It is a point-and-click adventure game that was built initially for PCs and “Remastered” for iPhones. In the game you would play the role of Robert Foster who, brought up in wildlands, is taken again to the city as a grown up. He tries to fight all kinds of corruption found there. The game is created by Revolution Software which is said to be efficient in creating a 1984-simulation games.


8 Star Defense

As the goal of tower defense games is to prevent enemies from reaching a tower, our game Star Defense is one of these games. There are a number of weapons you can use after you build your multi-towered defense. The planet you are saving comes in 3D which engrosses players in the game.


7 Zenonia

Zenonia is a Korean action/RPG or role-playing game. RPG is the kind of game in which the player would play the role of the protagonist. Here you would take the role of the major character who is called Regret. Regret’s major goal is to find the secret behind his father’s death.


6 Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Spider is a kind of puzzle video game where a spider comes to live in the deserted Bryce Manor. The spider’s mission is to weave nets of cobweb in order to catch whatever insects come to the manor. It has also to check the old ones already in the net.


5 Peggle

Peggle is a casual game, one that does not need the player’s complete engagement. The player tries to shoot specific pigs in order to win more points. With 100 levels, the game is better played on iPhones than on PCs.


4 Dragon’s Lair

The game is a platformer; one in which the player controls an avatar to help it through the jumping puzzles, the archetype of which is Super Mario. Dragon’s Lair is based on the 1980s video game where Dirk tries to save his princess Daphne from the dragon that detained her in the castle of Mordroc.


3 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

In the Grand Theft series, this game is number 13, but it is the first to be made for an iPhone. What is unique in this game is that the player can get a full view of the scenery and location around them.


2 Rolando

Made for iPhones, the game was published by ngmoco. In the Rolando land, the people who look like balls, try to protect their land from the shadow creatures. While defeating strangers, the players must keep a specific number of these ball-like creatures safe in order to move to the next level.



1 Zen Bound

Zen is a puzzle game for iPhones. The player wraps a robe around a specific object and every time they use part of the robe the surrounding area gets colored. The trick is to do the amount of coloring required using the rope given.


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