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Top 10 Reasons for Intimacy Issues in Marriage

Intimacy in marriage goes beyond sex; rather, it bothers on so many essential things. It has to do with a more profound connection that should be existing between you and your spouse. When a union lacks intimacy, it becomes nothing but a shoddy contract backed by legal consequences. In stark contrast, when intimacy is part of a union, it comes as one of the best things one can ever wish for. Unfortunately, as beautiful and endearing as intimacy is to a relationship, many marriages are struggling to make this work. This post will be showing you to top ten intimate issues that have plagued many unions and how you can escape from the torture that comes with them.

1 The Monogamy Effect

Virtually 95% of people, especially females, expect that they are the only center of attraction in the life of their husbands. Having a man that drools over them all day is one thing they will be happy to gossip with their friends. But as bad as they want this to happen, only very few do what is necessary to make such wishes come true. If you want to be the only woman in your husband’s life, then you should be ready to satisfy his sexual needs and make him happy. I am not talking about doing any nasty thing here, but you have to be more reasonable in the amount of attention and love you shower him with.

2 Social anxiety disorder

An intimate interaction is almost impossible where there is no trust. Social anxiety is about being vulnerable to an atmosphere that demands trust. It can pose a real problem to relationships, and turn marriages sour. If you are feeling the need to avoid any intimacy with your spouse, then that is an indication that you may be suffering from a social anxiety disorder.

You should immediately consult a counselor or get help if you want to overcome this disorder. You can visit for more info.

3 Zero Fulfilment due to no action

Marriage is designed and supposed to be a platform of enjoying yourselves. It should not be an avenue for enduring sorrows and pains. Frictions in marriages cause almost 70% of the untimely death we have today globally. Intimate relationships seem to be causing more pressure to people than it was supposed to be relieving them of.

If you are having issues with your partner, it is not the best to bottle your feelings up and explode with anger or passively display your displeasure by keeping quiet for days. That is only going to make things worse. Have a frank discussion with your spouse, and you would surely come to a compromise.

4 Awkward Sex

Sex is a benefit that comes with getting married. Spouses are supposed to enjoy it to the fullest and use it to become more intimate with each other. Nevertheless, there is this once in a while sickness that comes upon a spouse, especially the husbands, and they want to have this microwave sex act.

By law, everything that is done within a marriage that is legally bound is assumed as legal and appropriate. That said, you know what happens when the act of foreplay is subtracted from the act of sex. It could break the woman down emotionally and cause her to cultivate intimacy issues with you. And for the record, this is not peculiar to men alone. Therefore, no matter where or how you get aroused, make sure you do the right thing before thinking of penetrating your wife. Get your partner in the mood first!

5 The difference in intimacy levels

Women have been noted to have extra burden upon themselves due to certain things that may or not be occurring in their marriages. For instance, the failure to bear a child within a specified period can trigger intimate issues in some marriages. What most of these females do not know is that their ability to continue in that state could further dampen their chances of coming forth with a child. It is not enough reason to emotionally lock yourself out just because your husband has a child with someone else.

Visit your health provider to find out what the problem is. Most times, it could be that your inability to give birth is due to your hormonal imbalance. A thorough medical check-up for you and your spouse is all that is needed.

6 Too Tired to Have Sex

This one is common in many marriages – a serious factor that is capable of hampering marriage intimacy, thereby leading to unhappiness in the family. People have different excuses for not being prepared for sex. A hectic workday can be a reasonable excuse for not being up for sex.

However, you must never lose the intimacy of your husband on the ground of tiredness. There ought to be a balance between your work life and your intimacy with your spouse. Never you go overboard on your work assignments and expect your spouse to be the one that will suffer the effect.

7 Watching Porn Movies

The subject of using porn movies to spicing up sex life has always been met with divided opinions from different experts. Although some say it is good, others believe it causes friction in the sex life of a couple. Intimacy issues can arise if one partner enjoys watching such movies while the other detest it. It could start to generate a conflict of feelings for both parties. And let’s not forget the addiction part that would make a partner fantasize about sex in a particular way, and when their spouse fails to meet their expectations, an intimacy issue becomes inevitable.

8 Keeping to yourself

Intimate relationships thrive more when there is transparency. Both partners have to be open to each other 100% if they are to keep their intimacy. The moment a partner begins to hide things from the other, it could breach that closeness that once existed between the both of you. Learn to share experiences.

9 Honesty

Compromising honesty can ruin the intimacy that exists between partners. Trust is an essential ingredient in any marriage that can only be sustained on the platform of complete openness. Doing anything that signifies dishonesty can trigger a massive gap between you guys tomorrow. And trust me, you do not want that to happen.

10 Reduce the distance

Before you guys got married, you used to touch each other, hold hands while walking outside, and never stayed apart from each other. So have you asked yourself why you guys are staying apart from each other now? It is straightforward – you guys are losing out on your emotional intimacy. You no longer feel anything when you are sitting together and stuff like that. Prevent this from becoming worse by staying close to your partner. Stay in his arms if you could. Put your head on her laps if she doesn’t mind. These little things can help spark up the intimacy that once existed between you.


Intimacy in marriage is as real as the next person. If you ignore it, your relationship or marriage suffers. And if a marriage suffers too much, the divorce court is the next natural place the couple ends their journey. Therefore, fix any intimacy issues in your marriage and enjoy the bliss that once surrounded your union.

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