Top 10 Best Real Estate Lawyers in the USA

There are lots of real estate lawyers that are present in the United States of America. Anybody can choose any real estate lawyer he desires. However, the thing is that you could end up getting a lawyer that may not be too competent and effective in getting you your needed result. And I need not tell you what it means to get a lawyer who, after charging so much, end up not getting you your intended outcome. However, the good news is that there are quite competent lawyers across the USA. While it is such a difficult task to be aware of these lawyers, this article TopTeny Lists Magazine will acquaint you with the top 10 best real estate lawyers in the USA. And they are as follows in no particular order.


The first leading real estate lawyer on this list is Liz Oliner, who is based out of Alabama in the USA. A little background study about her will reveal that she is a native of New York, who had relocated to the western part of America immediately after she had finished her law school. She currently stays in San Francisco. She has a bachelor’s degree from Yale University as well as her J.D. from Yeshiva University at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. She is pretty competent at getting her way around the U*SPTO. Furthermore, she had helped numerous small businesses, as well as business people, get their trademarks registered as well as protect their brands. In the past year alone, she had filed more than 300 trademarks. She has a work experience spanning seven years as well as seven different projects on the council.


Joshua Garber is a young real estate lawyer, as well as one of the best out there. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. His practice is strictly committed to representing individuals, start-ups, large companies, as well as cities in the matters of employment, business transactions as well as formation, intellectual property as well as corporate governance. Frequently, he advises individuals as well as companies in matters of offer letters, equity, severance as well as employee classification. While he focuses on the provisions of clients with their practical guidance to accomplish their objectives without using litigation, Josh is experienced in the area of litigation and trial. He has been able to get some favorable outcomes in federal and state courts, arbitrations, mediations as well as DLSE hearings.


David Yamaguchi is one of the best real estate lawyers out there. He is an alumnus of Hastings Law school with a broad experience in the guidance of start-ups as well as small businesses, in addition to Fortune 500 companies. He has an area of specialization that includes structuring as well as the negotiation of complicated technology transactions, technology plus IP licensing, international deals, business creation, contractor/consultant agreements as well as commercial contracts. David also has a broad experience in the management of attorneys. Among his clients are popular establishments such as Intel, Nokia, Verizon, ViaSat as well as Dell Computers in addition to innovative software start-ups such as BigCommerce, Hightail, PacketVideo.


As a pretty great student, Conor Teevan had graduated magna cum laude from Yale University, and he had received his law J.D. from the prestigious Stanford Law School.  Soon after, he had gone on to practice at the country’s leading trial law firm, had engaged in the exchange of book deals, as well as drafted contracts for several artists. Besides, he had founded a successful leading real estate organization that has holdings in an estimated five states. Conor is now a major contributor to early-stage companies as well as daily legal needs and formation. Conor is one of the top ten on this list because of his expertise and eye for details.


Kanika Radhakrishnan had originally come from California, and he had graduated from the prestigious Harvard Legal School. Kanika wears two caps; she is an Attorney for Patents as well as a California bar member. She had been into the business of law practice in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 15 years. Kanika concentrates her law practice on mobile applications for social networking and software, cloud applications, and consumer products. Kanika has been able to prepare and had been able to file more than 5000 applications for patents across the world as well as in the US. Kanika maintains a great track record in getting patents for her clients. Kanika Radhakrishnan is currently a Managing Partner at Evergreen Valley Law Group (EVLG), which is a technology law establishment that is based out in San Jose. Kanika had worked at several leading law companies around the san Francisco Bay area, which includes Foerster and Morrison and Oppenheimer Wolff, as well as other prestigious law firms.


A leading real estate lawyer, Seth W. Wiener, is originally from Oakland. Seth is a skilled litigator, as well as a trial lawyer. Seth has been able to handle and had been able to successfully resolve a myriad of state and federal limitations as well as matters that require alternative dispute resolution, in addition to contract, bankruptcy, construction, employment, insurance, fraud, intellectual property, product liability, personal injury, real property, unfair competition claims, and tort.


He is an attorney at law that is based out of San Francisco. He has a legal license to practice in Germany as well as California in the USA. He has been practicing since 2005 while focusing on several cost-effective services designed for small as well as medium-sized companies. If you are in search of an outstanding legal lawyer who is an internationally experienced attorney that possesses great business acumen as well as the to get effective solutions for their clients, Jesko Onken is your best choice. With him on board, you get to hire an experienced attorney as well as somebody with great expertise in building up businesses from scratch. He is the co-founder as well as the COO of a CA technology company that had been stated in 2012. He is a top real estate lawyer in the USA.


Richard Gora advises more than 10 ICOs, cryptocurrency, utility token offerings, cryptocurrency as well as advising a previous founder for the bitcoin website. He also gave a bunch of advice to the investor group in the investment in Uber’s $40B Series E preferred stock round. Richard has represented the previous CFO of the Lehman Brothers involving multi-billion dollars in securities fraud cases. Richard has acted as a general counsel for numerous start-ups as well as many multinational companies on the issue of business, corporate, founder, formation, MSAs, IT, SOWs, IP, manufacturing, employment, licensing, equity as well as debt, issues. Richard also advises on private equity, equity financing as well as debt financing and matters involving the compliance of hedge fund under the state and federal securities laws as well as in connection with FINRA, DOJ, SEC, CFTC as well as other investigations. Richard is a great lawyer.


Trevor Carson is one of the partners at Carson & Kyung, which is a Law firm. Because of his natural affinity for businesses as well as an entrepreneurial spirit-directed, he was directed to study business as an undergraduate as well as jurist doctorate degree who has an emphasis in business law. Originally, Trevor is from Sacramento native, and he had graduated from the McGeorge School of Law. At this school, he had received top honors from numerous courses as well as managed a globally distributed legal journal. As well as all other legal duties.


As a leading real estate lawyer among the best in the USA, Eric Misterovich does counsel services as well as signifying creative corporations in every part of technology as well as internet law, in addition to law on general business, copyright, contract disputes, trademark, crowdfunding/crowdsourcing, e-commerce as well as further traditional business financing. As a top lawyer, he has successfully helped software companies, developers of video games, bloggers, website developers, artists, authors, graphic designers, non-profits, musicians as well as every type of internet-based business. Eric helps in the defense and protection of intellectual property rights of people in the creative industries. He also specializes in business-related dispute resolution as well as establishing the corporate requests of businesses.

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