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Top 10 Websites to Make Money Online

Finding a job is not easy especially in these days and this is why you have to depend on yourself in order to get the money that you need. Some people spend a long time, maybe years, for finding a good job that can ensure them a happy life but to no avail, while there are others who have the jobs that do not allow them to get enough money. So, If you are a mother and cannot leave your children alone for getting a job or have a job but your salary is very low and is not enough for satisfying your needs, then the only and best solution for you is to try making money on your own through different websites.

Such websites do not require specific talents which allows you to choose what you like without caring about the skills that you have or even the prior experience that is usually required for applying for other traditional jobs that are rarely found. Because we feel that you are in a trouble, we decided to help you through presenting the following top 10 websites to make money online. We hope that you can find what you are looking for trying to increase your income.

10. Gift Hunter Club 

Gift Hunter Club

It allows its users to earn Paypal cash, gift vouchers and other free gifts for completing different easy tasks such as filing surveys, adverts, contests, watching videos and more tasks that do not require any prior experience but can help you to get more points which are exchanged for gifts and cash.

9. DooYoo 

DooYoo uk-chooses-best-websites-on-the-net-dooyoo

It allows you to get money through writing product reviews. The amount of money that you get depends on the category of the product for which you write your review. Your review should be written in your own words and it should range from 250 to 500 words to show your personal experience.

8. BzzAgent 


It is a leading word-of-mouth media and marketing company that allows BzzAgents to find popular new services and products of big brands in order to try and share them and to present their feedback. You can do that through taking a survey in order to be invited to the most suitable campaign. After accepting an invite, you will get free products to try, review and share your opinion about these products with your family, friends and others whom you know.

7. Swagbucks 


Swagbucks is a customer loyalty rewards program that is headquartered in the United States and is considered to be one of the most visited websites. It offers its users online rewards and allows them to earn gift cards and free stuff for the web activity or the online tasks that the users complete including online searching, shopping, answering surveys, inviting friends to join the site, watching videos, playing games, voting in the daily polls, finding Swag codes and more activities that you can take part in. You can make £25 per month without the need to exert a huge effort.

6. YouTube 


Do you like making videos at your home? If it is yes, then start doing it now using your video camera. You can make funny videos or any other type of videos that you like and upload them to YouTube. The amount of money that you can make depends on the number of views that your videos get and the revenue that ads generate through your videos.

5. Lionbridge 


The main services that are presented by Lionbridge are translation, localization services in addition to other services including enterprise crowdsourcing, global customer support and global marketing. There are several career opportunities from which you can choose what suits you such as being a freelance interpreter, translator and other career opportunities which are related to global crowdsourcing, marketing, finance, HR and more.

4. Field Agent 

Field Agent

It is a useful system that allows people to get the information that they need through being connected to other people who are called agents and can provide all the information that is required in a classic way but through using technology. All what you need to do for earning money as an agent is to download the Field Agent app to your iPhone and start completing easy tasks or small jobs that include capturing photos for verifying information in stores, barcode scanning, making videos, get customer ratings, price checks, feedback and other tasks that can be quickly completed for presenting and verifying the needed information.

3. Textbroker 


It seems that you do not like the idea of earning money through playing games, watching videos, filing surveys and other easy tasks that do not require exerting effort or having any experience. If this is true, then you can try making money through Textbroker but it is necessary for you to have high grammatical standards to be able to write perfect content that can be sold to clients. Typical payments range from £5 to £30 per article.

2. Clickworker


Are you serious about making money? Do you look for a flexible way to increase your income? Try writing texts and completing other easy and small tasks through Clickworker. If you are one of those who enjoys researching, writing, collecting data, translating, editing, data categorization and more tasks that you may like, then this site is recommended to you.

1. Amazon Associates


Do you have an ecommerce business or even a blog? It is your chance to earn more money by making use of what you already have. Use your blog or website to link to Amazon, advertise products and encourage the visitors of your website to purchase the products that they need from Amazon. The amount of money that you get depends on the number of products which are sold to the customers through your site and the category of these products. You are going to use simple linking tools to earn advertising fees and increasing your earnings. Also, you can start your e-commerce online shop through Shopify.

Other sites that you may want to try for making more money

“Maximiles, Gift Hulk, GetJam, Qustodian, Roamler and Shop, and Scan”

Did you decide which site will you choose for starting making money while being at home?

“Do not forget that”

The more time you dedicate to such websites, the more money you will be able to make

Best Wishes!


Sara Nagi

Sara Nagi is an Egyptian writer and activist. After earning a degree in English literature from Cairo University, she began working as a journalist and publishing articles on social issues.Nagi rose to prominence with her debut short story collection "Hawaween" in 2008, which explored feminist themes and was groundbreaking for Arabic literature at the time. She has since published several other acclaimed short story collections and novels that have been translated into multiple languages.In addition to her literary work, Nagi co-founded Basma, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women survivors of violence and single mothers. She has been vocal on women's rights issues in Egypt through columns, public speaking engagements and advocacy campaigns.Her contributions to both Arabic fiction and social activism have earned Nagi several international awards, including the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature from the American University in Cairo. Forbes Middle East recognized her as one of the 100 most powerful Arab women in 2018.Nagi continues to push boundaries with her writing while raising awareness about gender equality through her work with Basma and other organizations.
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