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Top 10 Ways to Transform Your Property for the Spring

The spring is perhaps the best time of the year to add value to your property while also providing some much-needed enjoyment after a long, cold winter spent mostly indoors. The weather is typically pleasant enough to facilitate comfortable construction and laborious yard work, especially when compared to the sweat-inducing days of summer. With that said, here are 10 of the best ways to transform the exterior of your property this coming spring:

1  Install a Carport 

If you don’t already have a garage or would like to create additional shaded space for parking additional vehicles or bikes, you might consider adding one of these wonderfully designed carports to your driveway.

2  Add a Gazebo 

Every yard should have a comfortable area for relaxing and enjoying a nice outdoor meal. Gazebos protect you from the sun and can be easily enclosed with screens to keep annoying insects away as well, not to mention the aesthetic value they instantly add to any yard.

3  Build a Deck 

In addition to a gazebo, a back deck provides more space for guests and gives you a nice spot for overlooking the entirety of your property. This is also a significant improvement that is known to raise the appraised value of a property.

4  Start a Garden 

Spring is obviously the best time to start a new garden, so why not tackle that ambitious goal that you’ve been putting off? Every well-maintained property should have its own garden, even if it’s only there to display beautiful ornamental flowers and exotic plant varieties.

5  Give Your Yard a Pool 

This one needs no further explanation, as it’s obvious that most people would prefer to have a pool versus not having one.

6  Add a Pond or Fountain 

Custom ponds, fountains, and waterfalls are also nice touches to add while you’re in the process of renovating the yard. Adding a fish collection will create an additional hobby while also producing an ideal low-cost, renewable fertilizer for your garden.

7  Arrange Stepping Stones 

Why mess up your grass every time you walk to and from your new gazebo, pool, or garden? Consider adding a walkway or path of stepping stones instead.

8  More Hedges and Bushes 

Bushes and hedges are perfect for filling out an otherwise sparse looking home exterior. They’re also good for improving privacy and promoting the presence of more wildlife on the property.

9  A New Paint job 

Spring is the perfect time to paint because the breezy and moderate weather keeps painters cool while also helping the paint dry quickly and evenly. Thus, there’s no better time of the year to give your home a color makeover.

10  Throw in a Playground 

Finally, if you have little ones, then you might as well give them a nice place to hang out and enjoy the yard as a family by installing a small personal playground.

 Making a Fun Project Out of it 

Although doing all of the above might seem a bit overwhelming at first, most of these projects can be handled alongside each other within the span of a week.

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