Top 10 Vintage Fashions Endured till Today

Since the 21st century has started, we have been already used to the fast pace of the world, and luckily, everyone seems to be able to get along with that pace and gets excited about what could happen next as well. Although the world is always offering new and exciting inventions, we can’t deny that back then before all of these advancements and progress, people were still capable of being happy and enjoy their time. During the ’70s, 80’s and all the years through the ’90s, life might have been different in terms of ideologies, lifestyles, and of course, 40s womens fashion styles too. The definitions of cool and fabulous were a bit different, but everything was still enjoyable.

Speaking of fashion, we are used to getting exposed to new styles and trends on a daily basis, and no matter how strange these styles might be, there are those who will still find it fashionable. For all the young fashion gurus, who are currently known as Fashionistas, they believe that back then, there were a lot of styles that they had missed out and would have loved to try them on, but as luck would have it, more than a few of these styles have been making a great comeback, of course with some modifications that seem more suitable for this time. Now all the fashion gurus have the chance to try all of those trends without feeling that they missed them. The coming list features 10 of the old fashion styles and trends that have been rediscovered.


Berry lipsticks are old trends that had been so popular during the late ’90s and all the way through the beginning of the 2000s. As luck would have it, all the fashion gurus nowadays who surely fell in the love with the colors of these deep lipsticks are able to try them now, for they are back and as popular as they have ever been. This trend can also still be spotted on the red carpet today worn by a lot of celebrities and to be honest, it is deemed to be one of the most attractive lipstick shades of all times, especially that they have a lot of different shades; no matter what your skin tone is, you will find the perfect one for you.


There are few chances where you get to encounter someone who has no idea what a choker is, for these days everybody, and we literally mean every single girl, wore or wear chokers. These necklaces go back to the ’90s when they were worn by the teenage girls who like to look resisting and rebelling against the ground rules established by their parents, but these days they are not limited to the teenagers anymore; they are worn by women of all ages and have become very popular among the celebrities as well. Try surfing your Instagram account for a few minutes, and you are likely to come across hundreds of selfies where girls are rocking their styles by those catchy choker necklaces.


Whether you are going on a date or just hanging out with a bunch of best friends, wearing a cute short dress never goes wrong and it will always make you look fabulous, and it promises to always boost your self-confidence because whenever someone comes past you, they will surely give you that WOW look or compliment and they will actually mean it, but let us focus on the flirty dresses in particular. These dresses look very adorable and cute; they actually go back to the old trends that people thought are gone for good, but let us take a moment to be thankful that it was not true and that flirty dresses made a great comeback, looking even better than ever.


Looking back at the ’80s and ’90s, you will realize that crop tops were one of the most fabulous trends back then; they were usually worn by some of the most influential celebs of that time including Madonna. Since Madonna was one of the most popular superstars back then, most of the girls have actually fallen in love with her style and followed her trend baring their beautiful bellies by wearing these adorable crop tops. Well, these crop tops are still as trendy nowadays as they always have been, but this time they are actually gain more popularity after being modified and made in a lot of different styles, so it does not matter what your size is, as it used to matter back then, because you will still definitely find one that is perfect for you and will compliment your beautiful body.


Do you girls remember Alicia Silverstone’s 90’s movie Clueless? Of course, we all do, and you cannot deny that you have fallen in love with at least one of her outfits in that movie, if not all of them. One of those outfits that she rocked in that movie was plaid. Although a lot of people used to think that plaid is a symbol of being a hipster, we cannot deny the fact that it is still adorable. The Plaid style was so popular back during the ’90s, but for all those plaid lovers’ luck, it still makes a great appearance in our current days and it is getting trendy as well, so if you ever felt like wearing any of them, you still have the chance to do so without feeling like you just ran away from an old movie, and you will still look fabulous as hell.


Well, it is a world-wide known notion that most of the girls love carrying a relatively big purse so it can fit all of the strange things that they make sure to be always with them wherever they go. It is partially true, but not all the girls are still obsessed with large bags; there are actually some days when they do not even feel like having anything hanging on their shoulders and that is when the role of the fanny pack comes. These little packs are very versatile, useful, and great during those days when a girl does not want to hold anything in her hand, but still, need to take her essentials along with her. Fanny packs are not actually limited to girls, they can be, and they actually are, used by a lot of men too. They are still trending nowadays, so if you ever feel like wearing one of them, feel free to do so, you will not look strange anyway. They are fabulous.


These pants were usually seen on either men or women back in the ’70s; they were one of the most rocking styles back then at that time. These pants have actually made an appearance in the 21st century, and guess what? It is still an astounding trend just as much as it has been back then. They are looking the best when they are paired with a simple plain shirt; you cannot actually find a style that feels and looks better than the pair of these pants during the warm days of Spring. One more thing about these wide-leg patterned pants is the fact that they feel so comfortable and cozy when they are worn, but still, they will give you that fabulous and stylish look you are looking for.


Loafers were one of the very popular trends during the old times, but as luck would have it, they decided to make a huge comeback in our today’s world; not on their own of course, but by those fashion experts who thought that these pair of shoes cannot be gone for good, for they are very stylish and remarkable. A pair of loafers can be your perfect choice for going to work or even a meeting if you do not want to wear high heels, but that does not actually restrict wearing loafers for only formal and important appointments; you can also wear them on a casual date.


No wonder this timeless trend has been popular for as long as everyone can remember. Although they are always stereotyped to be worn by bikers, they are actually one of the best trends that have ever appeared in the world of fashion and beauty. The leather biker jackets are suitable for both men and women, they can be perfect for almost all types of outfits, and of course, they can be worn throughout the whole year. It is not actually surprising that they have made such a comeback; in fact, they are also expected to stay one of the best fashion trends as long as the world still exists.


Well, as we shortly told you; dresses can never go wrong when they are worn on any occasion and at any time. The floral skater dress is one of the best dresses that will never go out of style and all of the girls seem to be grateful for this fact, for these floral skater dresses are super stylish and adorable; they were so popular and trendy during the ’90s, but so are they nowadays, except that they are commonly known as floral or daisy prints.

Even though people tend to believe that those trends and fashions that their parents had used to wear are already outdated, the world of fashion does not seem to be working that way. Fashion experts revive those old styles but add some modifications just to make them adjust to our current days. We should actually be thankful for that fact, for there are a lot of marvelous trends and styles that would be a great loss if we have ever missed them out.

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