Top 10 Romantic & Special Ways to Propose to Your Lady

Of course, the proposal day is one of the most important days in men and women’s lives. It’s a turning point that changes their lives. Ladies dream of the day when their lovers ask them for marriage. A woman loves the bold man who cares to make every moment special with his lover, who think out of the box and make something different, the man who proposes romantically and specially. The request of marriage from the beloved one is distinguished moments in the life of every man, and the more romantic and unconventional you do it the more beautiful and happy memories you will have. Throughout the article, we introduce you ten stunning proposal ideas for a special and unforgettable day in your life.

1 Invitation to a special dinner outing

Invite her to a unique place. Choose it romantic with low light and candles, and surrounding music. Be yourself and do not exaggerate. Keep things natural, simple and follow your heart. Arrange with the waiter to come after the dinner with a dish on which is a drawn heart encircling the wedding ring.

2 Memorize the special day

Choose a special day in her life to propose such as her birthday, a romantic celebration as the Valentine’s Day,  or a holiday as the New Year’s Eve. This will add more charm to the big event and make it quite memorable. If you want more romance, go for a meaningful day for both of you like the first day you met.

3 Proposal at a movie break

Propose to her at the film break in the cinema you attend together. It is an easy way, yet quite romantic, it’s tried and successful. Suggest attending a nice film in the cinema; during the break, ask her to marry you, and it will be fun to see her reaction. Present her a flower with the wedding ring.

4 Make a banner for her

Try to make a banner to ask your sweetheart to “Marry you” on the road where she used to walk in. It says “I love you, Marry me” and hang it on the road or any other place such as outside her house, in the workplace, or on your car when going to meet her. And if you want it more exciting, ask your friends to come to your place at a specific time with signs saying “Do you marry me?”. It will be a charming surprise that she will definitely love.

5 Chocolate box

Every girl is in love with chocolates as it has the magic effect. Make a box that contains a fine and unique kind of Chocolate in the shapes of hearts, and present it. Replace one of the hearts with the ring box. It is an excellent idea to propose to her.

6 Bouquet of special flowers

Bring her a bouquet of special flowers, and put the wedding ring box in the middle of the bouquet. Invite her for dinner and make a deal with the waiter to bring the bouquet of flowers to your table and ask her to open the box. It will be a wonderful idea considering the magical influence of flowers.

7 The first place you met her

Ask her to come to meet you in the place where you first see her. If you have another favorite place with common memories, it would be perfect too. Give her the engagement ring as a Valentine’s Day gift; it will certainly be a majestic surprise in a special place to both of you.

8 Photography session

Ask her to come for an outing in a place you both love. Then rent a professional photographer to come and take photos for both of you. During the session specialize a moment to offer the proposal and present the wedding ring, and let the photographer capture the most beautiful pictures of these moments between you.

9 Romantic decoration for the room

If you are traveling with her for any reason, work or anything else. Make her a surprise by asking the hotel team to decorate her room in the hotel where you settle in. Surprise her in a very romantic way and put a wedding ring in the middle of the decoration and flowers. Ask the hotel management to prepare everything before your arrival so that she finds the surprise once she enters the room.

10 Decorate her car with flowers

You can decorate her car with flowers; tell her that you need her car and decorate it from the inside romantically with special flowers. Hide the wedding ring in a place in the car and ask her to open it. Write notes to guide her where to find the box of the ring, and finally write “I love you, marry me” beside the box.

Finally, as we used to know, young men in old days came to marry the girls chosen by their families. Today, with the progress of life and change of the way of thinking, young people are thinking more romantically and boldly to make the moment of their proposals to their beloved ones a memorable event which beauty lasts for a lifetime.
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