Top 10 Rarest Beanie Babies in The World

Conquering the world back in the 1990s, the Beanie Babies didn’t have to try hard to captivate the hearts not only of kids and teens but even adults alike. They have become a favorite collection, with some hoping that their hoard will make them earn some good cash selling it in the long run. Out of the different Rarest Beanie Babies that were released, there are some that come with higher price tags due to their unique colors, features, and defects.

Here are the top 10 rarest Beanie Babies in the world.

10 Prince Diana Beanie Baby

Prince Diana Beanie Baby1
Prince Diana Beanie Baby2

As mentioned before in the most expensive Beanie Babies article, its one of them. A commemoration of the ever beloved Prince Diana, the purple bear exudes a mild look, with its chest adorned with a white rose. If you want a real treasure, try to search for the first ever edition bear released with 1997 that was filled with original PVC pellet stuffing.

9 Quackers the Duck Beanie Baby

Quackers the Duck Beanie Baby
Quackers the Duck Beanie Baby1

In 1994, wingless Quackers the Duck Beanie Babies were released but there were merely 780 of them. There were already wings in the later versions that made the earlier Quackers rarer than ever.

8 Spot the Dog Beanie Baby

Spot the Dog Beanie Baby1

Spot the Dog Beanie Baby2

It’s ironic that despite its name, Spot the Dog doesn’t even have spots. The Beanie Baby’s first-eve version is white with a black tail, black ears, and black eye patch. In 1994, spotless Spot officially retired, with his successor having the missing spot this time around.

7 Humphrey the Camel

Humphrey the Camel1
Humphrey the Camel2

Humphrey the Camel only has 25,000 copies. Being among the original 9 Beanie Babies and among those that retired first, collectors consider Humphrey as a first-class find.

6 Mystic the Unicorn Baby

Mystic the Unicorn Baby1
Mystic the Unicorn Baby2

Also among the rarest Beanie Babies in the world is Mystic the Unicorn with a somewhat high price tag. Its mystical aura is made possible by its orange horn, blue eyes, and snow white coat.

5 Peking the Panda Beanie Baby

Peking the Panda Beanie Baby2
Peking the Panda Beanie Baby3

Peking the Panda was released in the market in 1994. It has black eyes and ears, a white body and other black markings that mimic his namesake animal’s color. He is valuable and unique because he got a cloth eyes instead of the usual button eyes.

4 Nana the Monkey Beanie Baby

Nana the Monkey Beanie Baby1
Nana the Monkey Beanie Baby2

This Beanie Baby entered the market in 1995. The newer version of the monkey was named Bongo, making the first edition versions of Nana a rare find.

3 Punchers the Lobster Beanie Baby

Punchers the Lobster Beanie Baby1
Punchers the Lobster Beanie Baby2

Assumed to have its name misspelled, Punchers is extremely unique and highly in demand among the collectors. Its production came to a halt in 1994 and Pinchers the Lobster was introduced.

2 Brownie the Bear Beanie Baby

Brownie the Bear Beanie Baby1
Brownie the Bear Beanie Baby2

This one might seem plain and assuming but he is among the most coveted Beanie Babies in the whole world. Being one of the first ever editions that appeared on the market, he is considered as a real treasure.

1 Royal Blue Peanut the Elephant Beanie Baby

Royal Blue Peanut the Elephant Beanie Baby1
Royal Blue Peanut the Elephant Beanie Baby2

Topping the list of the rarest Beanie Babies is none other than Peanut the Elephant. The royal blue version is a rarity since the later versions are of pale blue hue.

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