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Top 10 Most Powerful Private Security Companies in the World

Protection is an important need of the person and for that many companies around the world have established themselves as the best private security companies whose main motive is to serve the people in different conditions such as wars or any contingency. Look down for the best ten private security companies worldwide.

  Know more about Private Security Companies 

Private Security Companies are providing the facility of armed forces along with security services. They provide the same services as the government security company. In most cases, these companies are mainly hired to provide services of bodyguard along which has been properly trained by the former company.

 Services offered by the Private Security Companies 

The services offered by the private Security company include:

  • Business security services- It will ensure the safety of your business and employees. They provide this service by installing the surveillance cameras along with intrusion alarm.
  • Home Security services- They provide 24 hours security to the home along with other properties by using technical devices like alarm systems along with surveillance cameras and wireless devices which quickly help them to detect the criminals in case of emergency.
  • Vehicle security services- Along with business and home security, these companies are also playing the major role in protecting the vehicles by using the GPS tracking devices to find the stolen cars.

Thus all the above services are provided by the security companies. The cost of their services is affordable which can be easily taken up by anyone according to their needs and requirements. Now here are the best private Security companies.

10 Constellis

It is a private security company in Virginia. The company has combined a number of private security firms such as Tripple Canopy which was established by the former U.S soldiers of Special Forces in the year 2003 in Chicago. The employees of this group are mostly police officers. The main motive of this company is to provide support and security to agencies of the government along with multinational corporations. They are also best in providing training services.


ADT Company was founded in the year 1874 as Telegraph Company. Today it has become famous in the field of alarm and surveillance system in the US. The main aim of the company is to provide security in the retail sector along with food and beverage solutions. It also covers down mechanical along with office solutions for the benefits of the clients.

8 Corps security

This group is known before as Corps of Commissionaires. It is a British Security Company established in the year 1859 and known as one of the best and oldest world security firms. This group is formed with the team of 3000 security personnel along with having many offices across U.K. The main aim of the company is to provide complete protection along with electronic surveillance. It is also one of the main companies for supplying security solutions. Manner guarding along with CCTV surveillance is the main task of the company.

7 Control risks

This Company is independent of Global risk consultancy which is famous in the field of security risk. The main motive of the company is to manage and understand the risks along with opportunities in the complex and difficult situations. It helps the clients by providing the main facility in the field of strategic consultancy along with the analysis of the experts. They are also concerned with in-depth investigations regarding issues in politics. This is the best company in the field of support and protection.

6 Asia security group

This Company,  located in Afghanistan, is also one of the best private security companies. The main motive of the company is to provide consultancy along with manpower support services to the government along with clients in the corporate field. They are also best in improving the capability along with ensuring security. This group is composed up armed troops which are licensed in nature, providing security according to the needs of the clients.

5 Booz Allen Hamilton

The main aim of Booz Allen Hamilton company is to work in a smarter way along with managing the change. It is also providing effective solutions in the world of cyber. They work with the US government along with NGOs from all over the world.

4 Unity resources group

Unity resources group is an Australian company established in 2000. This company has a head office in Dubai. The main motive of the company is to offer security, logistics and medical services in case of need. It is a reliable company, trusted in nature for providing different means of transport in complex and difficult situations. They are also best in providing event security along with high zone risk security with guarding and asset security.

3 CAIC International

CAIC International was founded in 1972 and known as California Analysis center. The main aim of the company is to provide solutions regarding the information along with support services to the Intelligence, federal and civil customers. They are also best in providing career opportunities for military veterans along with professionals in the industrial field.


KPR are best at providing professional and technical services. This company is having approx 35000 employees across 40 countries. They are ready to give appointment to personnel along with offering them different positions in the US or in any other company.

1 Academi

Academi is one the best and leading companies in the US. It has become famous for providing training to 50000 foreign military personnel and experts of the counter-terrorism. This company has performed its main role in different missions of the Arab countries. It is surrounded by 7000-acre territory.

Above all the best private security companies are whose primary motive is to provide security in case of any unpredicted events and threats.

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