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Top 10 Most Recorded Countries With The Most Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has become very common among countries that include aggressive gangs. Actually, it is deemed to be a grave crime that dramatically violated human rights. It is designed for purposes as human trade, forced work, sexual purposes, etc. Many countries are highlighted in this field, so a list of the top 10 countries famous for human trafficking are introduced in this article.

10 Uganda:

Uganda is familiar with the negative living conditions. People in Uganda are exposed to sadism everyday because of the conflicts between the country and the mutineers. Children are trafficked and forced to join the military forces. Children have to vigil these forces with heavy guns. Girls are subjected into sexual purposes by men. These young children are murdered for their organs that are sold into the medical market.

9 Nepal:

Human trafficking is a very dangerous matter in Nepal. About 5,000 to 10,000 Nepali females are trafficked to India annually. Nepali girls are aimed in India having a light skin color. Many people are carried into India from Nepal as India is in need of much labor and the country of Nepal offers cheap labor. Nepal has human trafficking relations and with other countries in the globe.

8 Ghana:

Ghana is an African country, with a lot of mines, particularly gold mines. Children there are obliged to work as laborers in mines, without a salary. The girls are forced into prostitution. These children are enforced into begging and agriculture. Moreover, children are offended in order that people give money to them out of compassion yet this money is directed for traffickers.

7 China:

The Chinese urban-rural gap is extremely huge. China is a starting place for human trafficking. People are trafficked for the purposes of labor and prostitution. The labor in China is not expensive, so traffickers employ this matter and ensnare poor people into trafficking for labor. Mandatory prostitution takes place there. It was revealed out that there are huge Chinese human trafficking clamors in Spain who buy and sell Chinese people for big amounts of money.

6 Sri Lanka:

Humans are trafficked within the borders of Sri Lanka and out of it, largely for the functions of prostitution and labor. Children there are trafficked to be employed in the military forces. Sri Lanka had been in chaos over the Government- LTTE disputes a long time ago. The LTTE from time to time compulsorily employ these children to be employed in the war. Females trafficking into Sri Lanka are for sexual purposes.

5 India:

Human trafficking is common in India. People are trafficked there for many purposes like forced labor, prostitution, organ implantation. Children are obliged to work into factories that produce risky stuff like gunpowder and firecrackers. They get much money by gaining empathy of passer-bys. Organs are sold in the market for high prices. Indian government is trying to ban this but it is not fruitful.

4 Haiti:

Haiti is very poor country. Tourists flood from America and Europe is very lofty in Haiti. Haiti is worse than other countries in the field of human trafficking because there are prostitutes of young girls aged 12, who are forced for sexual relations with these foreigner tourists.

3 Pakistan:

Pakistan has problems because of human trafficking. People are used for bonded labor. Bonded labor can be for working in factories or in the mines. This is apparent mainly in the Sindh and Punjab. Prostitution is clear in human trafficking. Although it is a very religious, country, the rate of prostitution is increasing.

2 Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is famous for human trafficking. All people category are forced into prostitution, labor, organs sale. Moreover, many Bangladeshi people are transmitted to India and China.

1 Brazil:

Human trafficking is taking place in Brazil. Females are trafficked as prostitutes as the result of the tourists that visit to Brazil desire them. It is a very profitable industry in Brazil. Men are used for forced labor at a very cheap fee. The Brazilian government is attempting to put an end for this problem.

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