Top 10 Most Popular Sports In The United Kingdom

Sports have a magical influence on people. They can connect them altogether. The United Kingdom is a home of professional athletes. People there are interested in sports, where they appreciate and estimate this healthy life and profession. They encourage some sports, from which we provide you with the popular top 10 in the UK.

10 Rugby:

Rugby is one of the most liked sport in the UK.  In this country, rugby was the sport of the elite people yet it is now played by many peoples in UK, as its popularity increase continuously. Like football, rugby is also encouraged by the Government of UK and is administrated by the Rugby Football League, which is known as RFL. Indeed, Yorkshire, North West England and Cumbria are some of the spots where Rugby is admired and major games are held in these areas. It seems that these places are a welcome carpet for the sports.

9 Badminton:

Being a heritage, badminton is ranked as one of the most liked racket game in UK. The Badminton Association of England was founded in 1893, which grew slowly but surely and currently is known as Badminton England. Actually the Badminton England is a member of the International Badminton Federation, but the founder, that is responsible for providing sustaining for this sport.

8 Netball Superleague:

The netball Superleague was founded in 1999. Its tournaments are regularly viewed on sports broadcaster Sky Sports, because of a major television deal concluded in 2006. It includes players, belonging to England, Wales, Scotland and New Zealand.

7 Ice Hockey UK:

The Ice Hockey UK is the national leading body of the sport of ice hockey in the UK. The Ice Hockey UK belongs to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), which is also the worldwide umbrella body in the UK. It was created to substitute the British Ice Hockey Association. This association is responsible for the organization of the sport in the UK.

6 Rowing:

The Amateur Rowing Association (ARA) of UK is the main body in England for the sport of rowing in the country. This Rowing Association is accountable for the progress and association of global rowing teams in lieu of Great Britain. From the most popular rowing teams in UK: Thames Rowing Club, Bedford Rowing Club, London Rowing Club and Kingston Rowing Club.

5 Athletics:

The UK is one of the most countries that embrace the athletes. It pays attention to this sport, regarding it as the origin of the sports.

4 Cricket:

The Cricket is a national game of the UK. It actually originated in the UK in the 18th Century, and at the moment it is popular in hundreds of countries all over the world. The UK has over 20 cricket clubs.

3 Tennis:

Originated in England, the first small tennis club in England was located in the south of London. The most liked Tennis competition is known as Wimbledon. This competition is one of the four magnificent slams that include the Australian Open tennis tournament, the French Open tennis tournament, the US Open tennis tournament and Wimbledon tennis tournament.

2 Swimming:

A lot of U.K people are affectionate of swimming. Swimming is an affiliate to the British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association, which is responsible for elite performance and organizes many international swimming competitions in the UK annually.

1 Soccer:

Soccer is the trendiest sport played in the UK. The famous premier league includes the elite 20 clubs which are selected from all over the UK. The top of them are the Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal. The Football Association is one of the oldest bodies to encourage soccer all over the world.

After viewing this list, it is certain that the UK is a land of sports.

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