Top 10 Most Haunted Places in The World… Don’t Miss

Fear can embrace you through the existence of ghosts in some places. The world is packed with many of haunted places that are reported most frightening. Take care when visiting these places, you should at least know that there is something strange is happening there. In this article, we offer you a list of the top ten most famous haunted places all over the world.

10 The Tower of London, England

Tower of London is deemed as one of the most haunted places in England. It was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror. There have been many records of the paranormal at the Tower of London. The most well-known of all the spirits that live in the tower is Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII. Anne was beheaded in 1536, and her body has been reported walking in the Tower’s corridors. Many apparitions have also been watched in the tower such as Lady Jane Grey, who was seen by a guardsman in 1957.

The Tower of London, England

9 Fort George, Nova Scotia, Canada

Visitors have reported many apparitions appearing there, with one visitor seeing a soldier in uniform walking in the old prison area then simply disappear. This is an ordinary concept with many reports dealing with apparitions. Many ghosts that have been seen also, such as an old lady who has been famous by appearing in mirrors. There are other reports such as ghostly voices, and knocks.

Fort George, Nova Scotia, Canada

8 Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

The Castle of Good Hope is located in Cape Town, South Africa. It was built in the 17th century. The first reported paranormal incidence was when an apparition of a tall gentleman was viewed by naked eye in 1915. One of the most famous stories linked with the Castle is of the former governor Pieter Gysbert van Noodt. He passed away on 23 April 1728, the same day he had sentenced to death soldiers who were arrested trying to flee the military. It is thought that one of the soldiers caused a curse on him.

Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

7 Borgvattnet, Sweden

Borgvattnet is a small village in the Northern Sweden. It is famous for having one of the most obsessed houses in Sweden. The first ghost ever recorded at the church house was in 1927, when the chaplain Nils Hedlund reported many bizarre goings-on. He was on his way to the upper floor to collect his laundry when he saw his laundry being torn down by an unnoticed force. Rudolf Tangden, a priest who inhabited the vicarage throughout the 1930s, witnessed an old woman in grey, but she vanished when he started to follow her.

Borgvattnet, Sweden

6 Babenhausen Barracks, Germany

Lights are famous to turn on and off by alone and ghostly voices are heard. German commands are heard at the night. Soldiers who have been in museum have reported hearing a woman speaking backwards, it is not obvious whether it is in English or German.

Babenhausen Barracks, Germany

5 Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

Lawang Sewu was built in 1917. During World War II Indonesia was occupied by the Japanese. The basement of B building was made use of as a prison, where people were tortured. Lawang Sewu is thought to be a haunted place in Indonesia, with many tourists visiting the gorgeous building to with a bit of luck see the paranormal. The most popular spirit is the Dutch woman. She may have committed suicide. Headless spirits are famous to walk in its corridors, and the underground room in B building is thought to be haunted by a kuntilanak.

Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

4 Island of the Dolls, Mexico

The island La Isla de la Munecas is one of the haunted places. In the 1950s, Julian Santan Barrera moved to the island, he was ignorant of the condition of the place. It is said that three young girls were playing in the place in the 1920s, when one of the then drowned in the dark waters. The girls’ spirit has been not capable to depart the island. Julian maintained that once he moved on the island a little girl began talking to him.

Island of the Dolls, Mexico

3 Akershus Fortress, Norway

Akershus Fortress is a medieval castle that has served as a prison in the late of 18th and19th centuries. Akershus Castle is thought to be the most ghostly spot in Norway. The most famous of all is the evil spirit dog called Malcanisen that is believed to be the protector of the castle. If somebody is approached by Malcanisen, they are dead in the subsequent three months.


2 St Augustine Lighthouse, USA

St. Augustine lighthouse is an energetic lighthouse. The lighthouse is allegedly haunted. The apparitions of two girls have been seen on many occasions by visitors. The girls are deemed the daughters of Hezekiah Pittee, who was responsible of building of the lighthouse in the 1870s. His daughters passed away during its building, in a disastrous calamity on the site.

St Augustine Lighthouse, USA

1 Mary King’s Close, Scotland

It was once a flourishing trade region where Edinburgh’s tradesmen lived and worked there. There have been many records of paranormal happenings in the close, and it is now deemed as one of the most ghostly places in Scotland. Visitors have reported watching the ghost of a ‘worried woman’, in black. Another ghost called of Annie has been famous to react with people leaving her gifts.

Mary King’s Close, Scotland

If you are living or visiting one of these countries, make sure that you are away from these spirits.


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