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Top 10 Most Recorded Countries With The Most Facebook Users

Social media sites have become the most useable ones among all people. They have contributed in making the whole world a big room. One of the most useable and famous social media site is Facebook, it has become a means to get in touch with people whom you know and those you do not know. A study revealed that Facebook is widely used and there are some countries that topped the study, from which we select the top ten

10 France:

France is on this list as, about 25 million people use Facebook. The country of Louvre and Arc de Triumph tends to make use of Facebook. This site is necessary for the French. Most like pages there are these of food and sweets, such as Coca-Cola.

9 Germany:

Germany is one of the most Facebook users all over the world. This European Country that include about the 81.89 million population has an increasing ratio of Facebook users. Nearly 25.2 million Germans are using Facebook of which about 70% users are aged from 18 to 44.

8 Philippines:

The Philippines is an Asian Country whose population reaches 96.71 million in 2012. About one of three persons is using Facebook in Philippines. Over 30.2 million people are addictive to this social media site. People there cannot do without Facebook. The Filipino ladies are the top users of the Facebook.

7 Turkey:

Turkey has about 32 million users out of 74 million Turkish people. Both males and females use this site equally. Young adults are deemed the top users, who age range from 18-35 years old. By these facts, about 44% of entire population are Facebook users.

 6 United Kingdom:

In the UK, nearly 53% of the internet users are Facebook users. About 33 million users of Facebook exist in the UK, from which 51% are the females. The percentage is that half the English people are Facebook users. The like pages there are several and do not focus on special matters.

5 Mexico:

Mexico is a South-American country that embraces about 39.8 million users of Facebook. It is estimated that 35.8% of the Mexican population are Facebook users. The gender ratio is unbiased. Pages marketing of brands of drinks and snacks are the most liked in Mexico.

4 Indonesia:

About 22% of people use internet, yet 20% of this ratio have Facebook accounts. Males have the upper hand in this matter; they are reported to use Facebook more than females. Pages of digitals are the most liked in Indonesia. About 48.8 million users share their moments and news on the social media website.

3 India:

The Indian people reach the billion. Just about 61.7 million internet surfers have Facebook accounts. This number has males as the majority. Technology is the main concern of the Indians, as the most liked pages are that of technology. Indeed, most of the users are above 18, the adults there are deemed to be the most users of Facebook.

2 Brazil:

Brazil is a Latin American country. Males and females are equal using Facebook their total number reaches 68 million users. Moving from the coffee beans and football, Facebook is the main concern of the Brazilians nowadays.

1 The US:

United States of America is the most addictive country all over the world using Facebook, where about 165 million people are Facebook users, the most liked pages are dealing with n computer and mobile. This is ordinary as the United States is very interested in technology. 78% surfers on the internet have 67% people who have Facebook accounts.

Facebook despite of being a good means of communication, it has been a way to deceive and get fake accounts.

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